Speak Every Language with Real-Time Translation!

Every two weeks, another language goes extinct. Could translation devices save them? One thing we have to understand about communication
is that messages don’t really travel, they code. Take a look at this model. First, you have to encode the message – like
in a language. And then it has to travel through some channel – such as the airwaves. Then
it has to be received and then decoded. That means there’s a lot of places where communication
can get a little mucked up. Now I wonder if our progress has allowed us
to communicate more effectively. After all, since the printing press we’ve
gone all the way to the smartphone, with lots of communication revolutions along the way. So, what’s next? Well what about translation devices that allow
people to communicate across language barriers. Here’s how it would work. You’re in a foreign country and you want to
greet a local. You speak into a device, like a mobile phone, and speech recognition software
digitizes the sound and uses statistical algorithms to guess what was said. The algorithm also takes context into account,
so that the relationship of words affects the computer’s guess. During the translation phase, an algorithm
compares your words and phrases to troves of translated documents and webpages from
the local language and makes another guess at the translation. It then uses a library of speech sounds to
produce your sentence in the local language. Real-time translation already exists for your
personal device. For example, Word Lens is an app that has optical word recognition software. And Google is working on prototypes of hardware
that can do real-time translation in controlled environments. And the giant telecom NTT DoCoMo has created
augmented reality glasses that can take words on signs and menus, and translate them in
near real-time. Now real-time translation wouldn’t just be
useful when you’re in Bora Bora and need to ask someone the way to the bathroom. Preserving
linguistic differences can benefit us in lots of ways. For example, we can learn what aspects of
language are universal, as opposed to peculiar to a specific language. But there are some incredible similarities
between human language, and the languages of dolphins and whales. Now this suggests that there are some elements
of language that are universal across species. So the question is – is this just restricted
to Earth’s species? Well, maybe in the future we’ll have access
to something like the Babel Fish from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It was a
little fish that you would shove into your auditory canal and it would actually excrete
translated alien languages directly into your brain. But whether it’s communicating with aliens
or animals or humans, there are some things that are always gonna be lost in translation. Now here we’re talking about noise. Not just
literal noise, which can interfere with communication, but psychological factors, like assumptions
that we make about a person based upon their life experiences right when we get into a
conversation, that can impede real communication. There are so many different ways communication
can go haywire, frankly I’m surprised we ever managed to communicate in the first place. And some things are impossible to communicate.
For example, the feeling you get when you listen to Mozart, or when you wake up from
a bad dream, or how it feels to fall in love. But that doesn’t stop us from trying. I’ve got a question for all of you. What application
can you imagine for real-time translation devices? Let us know in the comments below. And if you enjoyed this video make sure you
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54 Replies to “Speak Every Language with Real-Time Translation!

  1. First of all, amazing graphics and FX in this episode!

    Second, I made an App called Speechy (retired now) that used VR and as your camera aimed at words, using Asynchronous calls, it would translate and ask the user to use GPS to determine language (if out of the country) or using Google it would try to auto-determine but also had to option for voice- it would speak it.

    Ready for the kicker? For Windows Phone. Sadly, no longer around. But it can be done but best on WiFi.

  2. Google's Google Translate and Voice Search on Google Search have existed for years. The two can easily be combined to do this. How is this news? And why isn't Google dominating in this domain?

  3. I think there would be no "real" real time translation if the input is voice, not something else that's directly from your brain. For example, Japanese, to say "I'm okay"( consist of 2 words ) -> Daijobu ( consist of 1 word ), then smart phone need to wait till I finish saying 2 words to produce 1 word translation..so using voice as input wont be effective coz there will be always a delay…

    BUT, if there is gonna be some kind of device that could read my mind, by only thinking about what Im saying and that device can capture it, then that's what you called as "REAL TIME" translator 😀

  4. Y U NOT ON TV????? Seriously, with all the garbage out there, why is your show not on Discovery roster of TV shows? Science Channel, I'm speaking to you!!!

  5. As much as this would be incredible, I think that we have too many languages that need to go extinct. If ther were only a couple languages, people would possibly be able to speak them all

  6. Useless languages dying out is a good thing. A lot of effort is unnecessarily wasted on learning different languages. If you want to study many languages you don't need active speakers for that.

  7. Nice video, for the next one can you discuss whether the pair Olympics would exist in the future when prosthetics are equal to human counter parts?  

  8. It's a brilliant idea, but considering how awful Google Translate is (using it as an example since you used it as one – and I bet they'll be on that like flies on shit) – I doubt it'll be that useful. The only 'good' translators I've seen are bilingual human beings.

  9. Interesting that you used the Babel fish example, but I'd think a technological solution would be more akin to the Universal Translator from Star Trek, rather than a fish that is the final clinching proof of the non-existence of god.

  10. Ortsbo dot com and Yappn dot com  do exactly what he is talking about…  Ortsbo was free, like facebook, for a time but they could not generate revenue and it was costing them 500K per month to maintain 212 Million users. The majority of these users where from the BRIC Countries so they shut that program down and are now doing other things with monetization. But everything this guy talked about Ortsbo can do…

  11. No more languages in school we would only need to know one language and just translate it and it will save us much time in school.

  12. Actually I am very disappointed as This was one of my ideas…:) I already had it started using MIC controllers where I wanted my family to communicate with other people in English with ease…oh,I cant really believe that this is happening again. Is there any way I can take a patent for my ideas which I haven't implemented completely…

  13. what application can this have in the present world we live in today? Nothing short of a global revolution in communication and empathetic relations

  14. We should be able to understand the language of wild animals so that we can tame them better and perhaps one day make a lion cuddle a human baby…

  15. I'd like a real time translation device for my boyfriends cat. He just meows and meows and walks under my feet, I fill his food bowl, supply water, open the window and he's disinterested in all those things. Its distressing. I scream "What do you want infernal Kitteh?!" and Jub Jub just sits there, meowing at me.

    I'm learning though, there's some things he does when he wants to be let outside, He meows at his food and water bowls if he needs those things – or loudly and annoyingly at my tasty food if he wants those things. 

    …I thought the only solution to find peace would be if he ran away someday, or if I ate my cheeseburgers in the other room with the doors closed, but thinking about it, I kind of like the little furball and in all honesty, I fear he's trying to get his head around opening doors.

    I do love him, but our misunderstandings are really forming a barrier in our relationship.

    … A translation device would be just dandy to help us get along, 

  16. Oh my goodness. I have this idea in my mind. I am searching for the supporting stuffs from last two months to start the implimentation !!!!!!!!!!

  17. Sorry if this was included in the video, but, just asking, how would the grammar work? Like, for some Asian languages, such as Chinese, the grammar is somewhat different, and the receiver could be a bit confused at times.

  18. Economic and maketing (no brainer…there wouldn't be a need for a single trade language anymore and would open up new opportunity for international corporation), tourism (with the fear of being lost in translation gone…people would be more inclined to save up and go on that trip to china or japan or even certain parts of eastern europe), social barriers between people from accross the world (you could make friends on an international scale with people of different backgrounds opening up people to social and cultural tolerance rather than closing them off due to mis translations or lack of understanding)…then there is also coalition application and militaristic application (lets not lie…its much easier to speak in your native tongue than try and talk to someone from a different contry in their tongue…coalition military included…suddenly the German, the French, and the Scottish Soldier can sit down and discuss things in their own tongues and facilitate meetings, there are many possible military applications to this as well that I just won't go into.)

  19. It called vcore its an app on itunes it completely awesome! or a Babbelfish, there's and app called that as well, not the one from the hitchhikers guide to the universe. lol 

  20. There will be a point in time where English will be the only spoken language. Although chinease is the most spoken language it is not nearly as widely spoken as english. No matter what country you live in, if you want to own a successful business, then learning English is a must

  21. As former language access coordinator for Fairfax County government and current teacher (at a local community college) of interpretation skills for bilinguals seeking to be qualified or certified interpreters, I found this video very interesting and thought provoking.  As a bilingual/bicultural naturalized-American (Spanish my birth-language, English my primary language), I love the diversity of language and culture of the United States.  What a wonderful country of opportunity, innovation and hope.

  22. There are already plenty of translation devices, but I don't think any as good as a human translator, at least not yet. I tried using google translate to talk in a french chat room (and talk to someone who went back to France for Christmas) and with both, they didn't come out right, and they were like "Woah, I couldn't understand you"

  23. How would this save languages from going extinct. If you no longer have to learn them then less people will be fluent in them making different languages die out quicker. Even if the languages are saved on the devices real people won't speak them. I feel like this would make things worse and make people more lazy.

  24. I WOULD LOVE To Use This App Technology to Temporarily Record conversations in foreign languages, (For Translation Only) To Hear weather or not People Are talking shit in a PUBLIC PLACE! (Whenever necessary people will switch over to their native Foreign Language when SPEAKING ILL of Others.. REGARDLESS what nationality you are or what language you speak, or where your living, I Can GUARANTEE 110% that you have heard Foreigners (and non) have Laughed, joked, and spoke ill about You/Others, Without anyone of you having any clue whatsoever. (ONLY Being left with a Strong GUT feeling that they were speaking about you, your friends and/or family) "IN SHORT".. Speaking in a language foreign to either ALL Or MOST of any foreign Country is EXTREMELY RUDE when done in PUBLIC PLACES! Such as a Restaurant or any other public location. "I'll pray for the day this particular App is created!!"

  25. English is becoming the Global Language. It will still take 100+ years (if we "humans" make it that far into the futre) to really become Global.


  27. I really wish they'd create a neural realtime translator that would translate both text and voices. Though we are nowhere near that, and even if we were, that'd be crazy expensive

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