Sorting Literary Characters into Hogwarts Houses with Lex.

Lex: Hoi! Sanne: Hello.
Lex: You little weasel! Sanne: I’m here with Lex. We’re gonna sort literary characters into
Hogwarts houses. I feel like this is something that we do in our spare time anyway. I mean, I sort people into
houses all the time. Lex: I have hobbies and friends.  Sanne: Don’t pretend like
you haven’t had this discussion. Lex: Yeah, ok. Sanne: First of all what house are you in?
Lex: I’m a Gryffindor because I suffer from anxiety. So it kinda feels
like every day things are like big deals. It takes a lot of bravery to deal with those everyday
situations and it kinda took me a long time to realize that
being brave isn’t the absence of fear. It’s like standing up to your fears
and overcoming them or, like doing things despite fear. So that. And also I am like pigheaded and rash and I do stupid
things and I say stupid things. I get angry a lot and I am very obsessed with standing up for
things I believe in. Sanne: Excellent. I am a Ravenclaw. Mostly for the
reasons that I sort of looked at all the other houses and
thought (Lex: Nah) Sanne: ‘That isn’t me’ and so Ravenclaw is the one that
fits best. Although I don’t feel like I’m that familiar with what Ravenclaw is exactly. Sometimes you just know, you’re like
“yeah Ravenclaw would definitely be the one” Lex: Took me a long time to realize I
was a Gryffindor, I didn’t have a house for a very long time, I was houseless and I used to say I was a Ravenclaw just ‘cause I love
reading but that is not enough. Sanne: When I find someone who is houseless
I’m like “Right, first thing: you gotta get sorted, we need to sort you” (Lex: ‘Let’s give you a house’) Sanne: Okay so we gonna do a little
recap of the houses in case some people are a bit rusty on their house knowledge.
Gryffindor like you said: bravery, chivalry, loyalty Hufflepuff is hard work, patience, loyalty
and fair play Lex: and they’re excellent finders. Sanne: Ravenclaw is
intelligence, knowledge and wit. I always feel like there’s
something missing from that description It’s like (Lex: Yeah) three different words for the
same thing. Lex: Kind of yeah. Sanne: and.. Lex: And I think also Ravenclaws like
problem-solving Sanne: They’re probably quite analytical I’d, I’d like
to think. And finally Slytherin is ambition, cunning and resourcefulness. Lex: Badassery. Sanne: And badassery definitely I asked
you guys to you send us some literary characters that we could sort. You’ll
get to do this one because it’s Lord of the Rings: Legolas. Lex: It’s really difficult ‘cause
like I’m used to kind of sorting people into like elves and men and stuff kind of in my
brain related to Lord of the Rings so to cross that over with Harry Potter is just crazy. Sanne:I knew you’d be right for this video. Lex: When you
said Legolas I instantly thought Hufflepuff even though I think maybe he is more of a
Ravenclaw. Sanne: He, he seems like the smart one of the bunch. Lex: Kind of beautiful and stupid sometimes, sorry Legolas.
I’m gonna put him in Hufflepuff he’s an excellent finder. Sanne: So next we
have Mr. Bingley (Lex: Ok) from Pride and Prejudice. Mr Bingley has to
be a Hufflepuff. Lex: Yeah. Sanne: There’s just no doubt about
it. Lex: He is like a labrador. Ooh um,  Haymitch from The Hunger Games. I
don’t think he’s Hufflepuff. Lex: No I think he might be a Gryffindor. Sanne: He knows how
to be sort of mean to get the right result. He’s like
quite cunning. Lex: That’s true but I think that’s also kind of also
a Gryffindor trait. This is where I think Gryffindor and Slytherin really crossover. Sanne: I think Gryffindor would do more sort of
rash actions. (Lex: Yeah) and I feel like Slytherin might think it over. Yeah, I think I’m going to say Slytherin. Margo from
Paper Towns. Lex: Slytherin. Sanne: Do you just not like Margo? Lex: Nope. I don’t dislike Slytherins, btdubs.
Sanne: She is so obsessed with like people being fake and not living their
full life. I feel like she could be a Gryffindor
and when I think about this now, next time I re-read Paper Towns I’ll figure it out. Lex: Yeah. Sanne: Violet Baudelaire. Lex: She’s a Ravenclaw duh! Sanne: Levi from Fangirl. Lex: I think Hufflepuff Sanne: Yeah I think
he’s or a Gryffindor. Lex: Yeah. Sanne: I think actually
I would put him in Gryffindor. He is a really good friend but he’s also quite “yeah lets go do
crazy things!” Lex: Yeah that’s true okay. Sanne: Which is what Gryffindor is. Let’s go do crazy things.
Lex: ‘Gryff him up Then I can make out with him in the common room.
Sanne: Lots of people are saying Jane Eyre. Lex: Bless her cotton socks! Sanne: She’s quite independent, she’s quite
strong willed. Lex: Yeah. Sanne: But also a bit insecure about a lot of things. Lex: She’s quite naive as well. Sanne: She’s quite solitary but then also a teacher. It feels kind of.
Lex: Ravenclaw-y. Sanne: I think it’s Hufflepuff, I think she’s quite
a hard worker she’s like quite hardy. Lex: Yeah. Sanne: How about Zaphod Beeblebrox? Lex: who is that?
Sanne: From The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Lex: Oh yeah. Sanne: The crazy guy. Just a really
dumb Gryffindor. Arya from Game of Thrones. I feel like
you’re more of a Games of Thrones expert than I am. Lex: I think she’s a Slytherin. Sanne: She’s probably a Slytherin. Lex: I think
she maybe started out as a Gryffindor or like, on track to be a Gryffindor and is now a Slytherin. Sanne: Ooh and then in
the same vein Daenerys. Lex: Oh Daenerys. I need to stop doing that. I think
she might be a Hufflepuff. Sanne: She’s so stubborn. Lex: I would originally have said
Gryffindor. Yeah I guess she’s a Gryffindor. Sanne: Since this is your
favorite John Green book, Alaska. From Looking for Alaska. Lex: I think she’s a Ravenclaw but she has Gryffindor and Slytherin traits. Sanne: Buttercup
from The Hunger Games. Lex: The cat? Slytherin. Sanne: Yeah. Lex: Cats are Slytherins. Sanne: It’s evil. Lex: I love my cat, but she’s a Slytherin. Sanne: Those
are all the ones. Thank you so much for sending in your suggestions. We would like to reiterate that
we love all houses equally. Lex: Yeah! But Gryffindors rule! Sanne: Let us know in the comments what you think, if we were
completely wrong about a character you let us know. I would love to see some
like full on essays. Lex: Yeah. Debate. Sanne: On why you think we’re wrong. Thanks
for joining me on my channel. Head over to Lex’s channel and I’ll talk to you guys later. Doei! Lex: Goodbye!

99 Replies to “Sorting Literary Characters into Hogwarts Houses with Lex.

  1. Ravenclaws are also open minded and imaginative 😀 Petyr Baelish is the most definitive Slytherin of all the Slytherins ever.

  2. John said Alaska was a Ravenclaw and Rainbow Rowell said Levi is a Hufflepuff 😀
    I loved this video, I always do this with my friends who like HP. do another one different characters, please!

  3. I'm a Ravenpuff, I believe. On Pottermore I was sorted in Ravenclaw and I used to say I was, but I've realised something.. I know the point is that everyone has a bit of all the houses. I struggled with this mostly because I was insecure. But now that I am more confident I have asked my friends what they think of me. I am a loyal friend, witty, intelligent, kind, accepting, defensive, protective, caring, empathic. I also added manipulative, because they don't realise it, but I manipulate their wills into mine, alot.. As you see, I have a lot of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff (luckily this is now more accepted than it used to be) but also a little bit Gryffindor and Slytherin… So I guess.. Well, I don't know

  4. Always nice to hear one of the Baudelaire orphans get a mention in one of these kinds of videos, but it always makes me want to go back and read all of the books.

  5. You wouldn't understand how much I ENJOY and LOVE this video and the idea. Surely I'm not the only one sorting every human I meet into Hogwarts houses, right? (Many of them turn out to be Muggles though.)

  6. this is the kind of content i want to see. you guys are great, i really want to be friends with you both irl.

  7. I think I have Ravenclaw qualities like intelligence, creativity and problem solving but I'd rather be a Hufflepuff because they're the house that doesn't exclude anyone, and values everyone equally. They're also loyal, fair and honest 🙂

  8. I feel like curiosity is another big Ravenclaw trait… There's more to us than just smarts! The curiosity is at the base of the Ravenclaw thirst for knowledge 🙂

  9. I would really have thought Jane Eyre was a Slytherin. In every situation she is quite resourceful, and is able to stick up for herself. Being a Slytherin doesn't necessarily mean your cunning comes at the expense of others. Then again, even if it did, the whole situation with Bertha isn't exactly self-sacrificing.

  10. Does Pottermore change their questions for the sorting hat? I got sorted years ago and got Slytherin but couldn't remember my account stuff and re-registered with a different email and I got sorted into Hufflepuff. I definitely don't think I'm a Hufflepuff, I always thought I'd be more Ravenclaw but agreed somewhat with my initial sorting into Slytherin.

  11. i would add 'creativity' to the definition of ravenclaw, i see it as a different kind of intelligence and part of why luna is in ravenclaw (also being inquisitive)

  12. I think Haymitch is Slytherin, because (contrary to popular belief) Slytherins aren't just heartless, manipulative S.O.B.s, they will only "cheat" or try to go around the rules if they feel someone close to them is being slighted by the rules. They keep the ones they care about safe, by any means necessary (they're the definition of "the ends justify the means" people). That is Haymitch. Katniss is a better version of a Gryffindor, since she knows when she is terrified but she attacks with force to solve her problems, whereas Haymitch will think through his fears to solve it and act on those even when they seem immoral to everyone around him (but he sure as hell gets the job done). The thing with Slytherins seeming evil too, is because of the viewpoint of the books. Slytherins will do whatever it takes to keep those they love safe, even if it seems extreme and wrong to those they are going against. But those people they're going against would think anything they do is wrong no matter what they go, just because they're going against them in the first place. That's why they seem so bad in the books, because the books are from Harry's point of view, who is the one Draco and Snape and Co are going against in an effort to keep their family and friends safe. It seems immoral to Harry, because he's going against them, but they are acting in the best way they see fit to keep themselves and their loved ones from harm. Not that all their choices are good (a lot are just stupid, lezbehonest), but the reason they chose them is coming from a place with deep heart.

    And I think Jane Eyre is a Ravenclaw because she usually only acts after thinking everything over multiple times, but she definitely has Hufflepuff tendencies (especially when it comes to Adele and Rochester). Maybe she was born a Hufflepuff, but after years of abuse and being taught that kindness is met with pain, she ended up suppressing that part of herself and her Ravenclaw side developed more. She's a Ravenclaw on the streets, but a Hufflepuff in the…house. Idk, haha.

    P.S. (Last bit, I swear, haha) Because of this video, I'm starting to think Houses might be more like sexuality in that they're on a Kinsey scale, but like in four ways, haha. Or a venn diagram where you might be mostly in one circle but still be in the zone of another where the traits overlap. Like, I'm a Slytherin but I still feel close to being a Hufflepuff too, because loyalty/generosity to those I love is my main trait. I just will go a lot further and do more "shady" things (if absolutely necessary) to ensure the safety of those I love than a Hufflepuff would, so I seem to be more Slytherin.

  13. Sanne, I am totally with you about Ravenclaw having basically one trait as its descriptor! I always thought I was a Griffindor, but then Pottermore sorted me into Ravenclaw. I feel like Luna Lovegood is one of the ballsiest characters. She is very gentle in her curiosity and allows things to be what they are (Thestrals). I'm not sure if that's an all around Ravenclaw trait though. I really like how they are the only house where the password is a challenge, and not something they are told. They have to have independent thought and be constantly be on their toes. I think another possible trait could be adaptability? Since they have to come up with solutions relatively quickly if they want to get in their common room.

  14. I always thought Bran Stark was the Ideal Hufflepuff for sure, and yes holy cow all cats are definitely slytherin

  15. I think at some point eccentricity or originality was added as a secondary Ravenclaw trait, which makes sense considering Luna. Otherwise, I too think it's kind of a bare description, even though I'm a total Ravenclaw myself.

  16. This video is exactly what I wanted and didn't know I wanted :). I also welcome Mr Bingly to Hufflepuff although I think that how easily he was put of Jane by Darcy goes against the loyalty category, then again he sees the error in his ways. I also object that Legolas being pretty but stupid makes him a Hufflepuff :P, I think that makes him a Gryffindor… Hufflepuffs are damn intelligent :). You know how passionate I am about this Hufflepuff stuff though.

  17. Alright im curious, where would you guys place MELANIE STRYDER and WANDA from the Host? Im thinking Gryffindor for Mel and Hufflepuff for Wanda. Agree or disagree?

  18. I LOVE THIS VIDEO. I have these conversations with my friends all the time. For most of my life I'd believed I was a Ravenclaw but then Pottermore sorted me into Hufflepuff and now I have an identity crisis because I can kind of see it? I have all of the Ravenclaw traits, but I also have Hufflepuff traits and I do value kindness over intelligence, I'm just not sure which one defines me more.

  19. I think that Jane Eyre would be a Gryfindor because she's so brave and loyal. I think that she's more brave than intelligent because of the bit when she leaves the house. That was a very rash decision and I think that contributes massively towards her being Gryfindor.

  20. What a wonderful video! I disagree on Jane Eyre though, I think she is a Gryffindor because what matters most to her is integrity and independance and she finds it more important to stick to what she believes in than forgetting and forgiving all (although she is very kind and a hard worker too), even when that means absolute hardship for her.

    Also for Ravenclaws, I think they're open-minded, creative and see things from all kinds of different perspectives more than "just" book-smartness. I mean, look at Luna, she's doing her thing and challenging people's conventional perspectives on the world. 🙂

    Last but not least, all houses are wonderful, but yeah, Gryffindors rule. 😀

  21. I like the Pottermore description of Ravenclaw. It's not just about being smart but also about looking outside the box and accepting people for thinking differently or trying to find answers in a different way. That's why Hermione isn't in Ravenclaw but Luna is.

  22. I literally had a half an hour deep think about the Hogwarts house system on the way to work the other day, and I kinda think it doesn't just come down to who you ARE (eg personality, skills etc) but also what you value in other people/the world at large, or how you WANT to be if you imagine an ideal version of yourself. For example, I always kinda thought of myself as slytherin even though I'm don't have really really great ambitions to be prime minister or a CEO or get paid a bajillion pounds a year or anything. I'm just ambitious in achieving the goals I've set out for myself, even if it's as simple as "I want to get top marks on this test" or something. I also admire ambitious, clever people and feel energised by being around them. So sorting yourself is actually quite a complex process! (I can't believe I've thought about this in so much detail, I probably need to get a life)

  23. I love that you did this! My friends and I soft fictional characters into houses all the time. You did a great job with it!
    I could see Legolas in the books being Ravenclaw and in the films being Hufflepuff. 
    I might have to steal this idea from you at some point. It's just such a great idea for a video!

  24. I recently discovered that Rainbow Rowell said that Levi would be a Hufflepuff, Cath and Wren Ravenclaw and Reagan Slytherin. I think Levi would be Hufflepuff because of his sweet personality, he id very good at helping others and making friends.

  25. Margo is absolutely a Slytherin. While she has traits that fall under both Slytherin and Gryffindor, the actions she takes in Paper Towns are so she can live a better, fuller life. It just so happens that her choices led to better, fuller lives for those around her, but she didn't plan that. Her immediate family and Q also went through a rough time because of what she did. Her choices were for herself, and because selfishness is a flaw I associate strongly with Slytherin (not that other houses can't have this flaw), I'd sort Margo into Slytherin.

  26. I was sorted into Hufflepuff on Pottermore and I didn't realize that it got so much hate before then! So I'm super proud to be a Hufflepuff. I love that you put Legolas with us- I was thinking, the elves in general are definitely Ravenclaw… But Legolas evolves and is not really a typical elf. He's definitely sort of goofy. And befriending a dwarf is such an HPuff trait! 🙂
    Did you know my phone doesn't even try to autocorrect or red squiggly 'Hufflepuff' anymore? Amazing.

  27. Whatttaaa hell is a Hufflepuff?

    Just kidding. A fellow 'puff here. I used to be one of those kids who thought Hufflepuff was the least cool house (and yeah, maybe it still is, but we're very adorkable) but eventually I accepted my true nature. Bingly would definitely be Hufflepuff, he practically has "loyalty" tattoeed to his forehead 😀 ! But now I'm wondering, where would you (Lex, Sanne, or whoever reads this comment, feel welcome to respond) put the rest of the P&P characters?

  28. Caution: Some spoilers for Looking for Alaska 
    Alaska isn't Gryffindor for shit.

    Yes, she drinks when the students may not and all that school shit but when she gets hit with the truly tough decisions she'll give up her friends and only think of herself i.e. Rating out her roommate, yeah she wasn't exactly her friend, and killing herself. You can add the off and on shit she had with Pudge to that list too. Not hating on the book, to the contrary, I love the book just stating my 2 cents of the house Lex selected.

  29. One thing that I hate about the Harry Potter series is how prejudice it is towards Slytherins. Typically, gryffindors are branded as the good guys, hufflepuffs the dumb ones, ravenclaws are the nerds and slytherins are the bad ones which is just so wrong. I'm so slytherin it hurts and I don't think there is anything wrong with that. People like Draco Malfoy were conditioned to behave a certain way, just like Harry was and that doesn't make him an inherently bad person.

  30. I'm of the firm belief that everyone should aspire to be in Hufflepuff since all the other Hogwarts founders were super elitist about who they let in. Helga wanted education for everyone!

  31. This video is absolute PERFECTION! Pleaseeee do another video like this again, it's amazing! So fun to watch x

  32. People forget that Ravenclaws are creative too! So not necessarily analytical. I would also argue that intelligence, knowledge and wit are all separate traits.

  33. I'm embarrassingly obsessed with sorting people into Myers Briggs personality types and I'm pretty sure it stems from my childhood love of sorting people into Hogwarts houses.

  34. Lex, don't think you can just nonchalantly quote the intro to TSwift's Fearless and not have us catch you. Lovelovelove, – S –

  35. I'm sorry but Legolas is extremely intelligent besides being hundreds of years old. I feel a bit offended that the blonde girl called him dumb and pretty that to me just shows that she didnt even read the books – and possibly didn't even watch the movies. He's more cold and analytical in the beginning but his time with the fellowship, and then with Aragorn and Gimli, teach him to have a lot more humanity. If he were to be sorted into any house it would be Ravenclaw.

  36. I think it's often forgotten/just not talked about much that Ravenclaw's are also very creative, and as much as they value the book they also know how important it is to explore beyond current knowledge. I think Ravenclaw's more than any other house really embrace and encourage individuality of expression and innovation. I say this as a Gryffindor who would absolutely never be good enough for Ravenclaw, but I admire them so much. Also Hufflepuff. Like, I wish I was a good enough person to be in Hufflepuff. But I have a short temper and too much pride, so it's not to be.

  37. I'm definitely a Gryffindor for pretty much exactly the same reasons as Lex? It's nice to see someone who interprets bravery & Gryffindor-ness in that way. Any thoughts on Sansa Stark? I can never sort her.

  38. Honestly think Jane Eyre would be a Ravenclaw or a Slytherin. She really values her knowledge as a teacher, but she always does what she needs to do to get where and what she wants, and feels is best/safest for her. If she was Hufflepuff/Grinfindor I think she would have stuck with either Mr Rochester or St John despite knowing it was possibly the wrong choice for her at the time, or maybe gone hunting "Grace Pool" to find out what was really going on…

  39. I've had so much trouble with picking a house for myself! But I as never houseless, I just jumped houses a lot and then I finally tried Huffepuff and I was like: OMG THIS IS IT, I HAVE A HOUSE, THANK HELGA.

  40. well im a ravenclaw based to pottermore 😐 took the tests two times bc i forgot my username lol and i still got ravenclaw. dam.

  41. Great comment section! For me I definitely have always identified as a Hufflepuff, but then pottermore sorted me into Slytherin! So then I had a bit of an identity crisis, retook the test, and it sorted me into Hufflepuff. I think the reason it sorted me into Slytherin to begin with is because I'm hella ambitious. So it's important to remember "your house doesn't define you" and all that

  42. Zaphod Beeblebrox would be houseless. He'd be expelled before even getting sorted. That's just my personal theory. 

    I don't know what house I'm in. I know if I was in the wizarding world I'd probably want to get a job on the dragon reserve with Charlie instead of at the Ministry. Dragons! If I were to do that, I'd probably be in Gryffindor then for regularly facing my fear of fire. Although, I am much better with it than I was – there were a few years where I was so scared I didn't even want candles on my birthday cake. Now I think that fear has turned into a healthier respect. Still, dragons are so awesome. It would be so amazing to work with the dragons, naming one of Norberta's hatchlings after Hagrid and adorable shenanigans like that.

  43. I would put Levi in Gryffindor because he's brave. Cather, on the other hand is a Hufflepuff, I think. She has a very strong sense of fair play.

  44. I would love to see a part 2! This is so satisfying. Personally, I'm a gryffin-claw. I am almost always a hat stall between the two on any quiz I take online, and I see a lot of each in me.

  45. Violet is Slytherin!  Klaus is Ravenclaw.  Violet is more ingenious than just book smart.  Slytherins aren't all bad (and I'm a Ravenclaw, and I looooove Violet, so I am not bias).

  46. I feel like the Baudelaire family are all Ravenclaws with the exception of Sunny, who I think towards the end showed Slytherin tendencies. I love that series, haha!

  47. I am a Ravenclaw too and I feel like a lot of the time people forget a lot of aspects that go with being a Ravenclaw, e.g. the fact that Ravenclaws are very tolerant and open minded and also kind of weird , but not in a negative way , just a bit different , like Luna for example , and I mean obviously you don't need to fit every characteristic that is known for being a Ravenclaw characteristic to be one , but I just feel like most of the time Ravenclaws are just described as intelligent and wise and wanting to learn much , and I mean I think those are nice characteristics, but that's just not everything that goes into being a Ravenclaw, so yes ,as you can tell I take my hogwarts house very serious , and I could literally have hour long discussion about the different houses , e.g. explaining that not all Slytherins are bad and that hufflepuffs are not the stupid ones

  48. Slytherins are the more analytical problem-solvers, but Ravenclaws are more free-spirited and creative in their thinking. Less conservative, usually. I'm an artist Slytherin, and definitely have a very analytical and conservative sort of creative process. My thing is research and precision. By comparison, my Ravenclaw classmates are just bursting with new ideas constantly, and they have a very free-flowing and organic style of drawing.

  49. Something about Jane Eyre just said "Ravenclaw' to me as well, but I don't know if I can in good conscience say that I think she belongs there. Violet Baudelaire on the other hand…yeah, she's gotta be my house buddy. I was considering which house her siblings would be in. I think both Ravenclaw as well, although I feel like Sunny could possibly be Gryffindor or Slytherin – she has to be a lot braver than her siblings at times, even though she's the youngest, and she's extremely resourceful whenever she has good moments. Also, I love the scene in Book Ten when she's bashing Olaf in baby talk because she knows he won't understand her even when she's saying real words.

  50. how would you sort out doctor Temperance Brennan from the Kathy reichs book series, Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird, and Pennywise the Dancing Clown from Stephen King's It?

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