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Maybe this summer is going into the history books of America Europe Africa Asia Climate change is only a reminder that Sweden is the only country in Sweden that is the country in the far north except forest fires in Germany we had the hottest april and the hottest since the beginning of the Weather records and so it is worldwide from anywhere records are being reported and from Iran the first riots it gets bad it is the madness click to science fiction welcome 30 degrees and more and that for weeks many are already wondering if this may be the new century but for several weeks there is a drought in many regions of germany and especially for the east and north means that a creeping weather catastrophe is the drought 2018 comparable to the 2003 summer 2003 in which several 10,000 people died how unusual is this drought for germany and in the future further weather disasters await us The current weather catastrophe is mainly from Emden to the Erzgebirge from the west and south, on the other hand, in the past time they have had to deal with blazing rainfalls, almost torrential floods, especially in the east Germany has the lack of water and the resulting catastrophic consequences some regions are as dry as since the beginning of the weather record never before in saxony anhalt and thuringia is the ground up to two meters deep Also dried up in the north there is a severe heavy drought deep into the ground Lower Saxony, the waterworks were no longer behind to the water demand by own strength to lift but at all reason to worry is also the supply of drinking water in Germany is really only in exceptionally endangered in other regions of the world that is different in iran, 97 percent of the country are drought-resistant affected in several cities there is simply no more drinking water the population protested against it should be at clashes with the police allegedly a breach of the pipe was to blame but Iran suffers from a fault in the system caused by the climate change Temperatures here have already risen twice as fast as on average on the earth by up to two degrees Water consumption is immense, the united nations recommend Consuming 20 percent of the amount of water replenished by rain is in Iran 110 percent of the country simply runs out of water it will probably be no longer avoidable that twelve of In the near future, 31 provinces will become uninhabitable as a result of hunger revolts and, therefore, the instability of the whole region after europe but even here in europe it gets uncomfortably straight the level of the elbe in dresden on 55 centimeters fell and other rivers in affected areas lead significantly less water than usual Traffic over the rivers is no longer possible or only possible to a limited extent, for example between dresden and magdeburg All of this is now being transferred to the roads or rail, which costs considerably more and often takes more time another episode of heat here Plants die and fires have devastated several hundred hectares of forest, but nothing against the forest fire disaster In Sweden there are 50 in total forest fires this is such a rare event so a forest fire in sweden that sweden no extinguishers owns and the absolute catastrophe 15 of these forest fires can not be deleted anymore they are completely out of control and if you look at the weather forecasts you will see even weeks of burning rain will not be so soon In germany, the farmers are in distress the most important grain in germany is the wheat and in many regions the farmers have to harvest the fields much earlier, and although the grains are far from being ready, some farmers will reap up to 40% less grain than normal and also the rapeseed harvest is probably much smaller than any other farmers The farmer’s association has to fear for its existence so that it calls for the emergency to be declared in affected areas will be compared with 2003, according to an extremely dry year with a huge heat wave In august 2003, temperatures in europe were up to around 47 degrees you have to be so biologically in mind times that is ten degrees more than our body temperature so really dangerous one of the biggest natural disasters the continent has seen rivers burned and dried up Tens of thousands of people died, especially older people because air conditioning failed and the houses were overcrowded with victims but also In 2018 since spring it keeps in the corresponding areas the pattern of sunny weather with dry air and this high pressure areas are hardly interrupted by rain stable weather conditions Caused by slowing jetstreams around the Arctic, the ever-decreasing amount of air is causing climate change But how unusual is such a dryness in Germany really prone to water shortage so had the un germany Classified in 2015 in their water breaks but there are ways to bridge that supply infrastructure in our country is, in contrast to other countries and continents, good and affected regions they can easily be supplied with water via remote lines, for example, the greater Stuttgart area protected by the tapping of the lake constance equal several dams and drinking water storage in the future, problems with dryness and drought will not diminish in the opposite direction precipitation cycle in central europe has been shifting for years rainfall levels have therefore increased by around ten percent more and more drastically the summer months present regional climate models confirm that and predict a higher probability for Germany for longer dry phases so how is it going, especially this year here in germany and also worldwide Next we stay tuned if he wants to miss any video on this and all other topics then ends up with whatsapp so clicks then he bypasses the hood on the boxi on youtube and you do not miss a video because you learn about whatsapp personally from me from each upload, and above all else daily and guaranteed a loses click on and best also subscribe to my sister channel clicks on 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