“Something New” by Lucy Knisley (2016) graphic novel review – comics recommendation

[Book cover of graphic novel “Something New” by Lucy Knisley (2016) – comic review from comics recommendation list]OK, let’s talk aboutSomething Newby Lucy Knisley. Lucy Knisley is one of the best comics artists that I have discovered in recent times. I’m really impressed by the sheer quantity of work that she has created in such a short time. She began her career with travelogue books, that weren’t really my cup of tea. But she is noticeably improving with age,… …and her most recent book, therefore, is her best book to date.Something Newis a memoir about an unexpected series of events where Lucy’s ex-boyfriend came to town and proposed to her. And then she agreed to marry him. So, the book chronicles the whole story of their relationship right from the very first time that they met. Right up unto their wedding day. Lucy does a great job of chronicling the experience of planning a wedding. This includes reconciling her feminist side with the realities of the marriage industry, which is well known for preying on the insecurities of brides-to-be. As well as all of the other things like her bachelorette party, and planning the big day itself. This is the kind of thing that wouldn’t have worked if the author had done a half-arsed job, but thankfully Lucy goes overboard with details. It’s a really extensive chronicle of everything that she did, thought and felt surrounding her wedding. So, I’d recommend this book for anyone that you know, who is engaged to be married. Or maybe a couple who has recently become married. But otherwise, it is a great read for anyone who likes slice-of-life, autobiographical stories. The book is 275 pages long, and I take my hat off to her for the sheer amount of detail that she was able to capture. And I like the contrast between her illustrations, and the photographs that show what the real wedding was actually like. Lucy Knisley continues to improve with age, and she’s just given birth to her first child. So look out for her next book, which I’m sure will all be about pregnancy and motherhood.[title music: “Bunny” by Screamfeeder]

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