100 Replies to “Solving The IMPOSSIBLE TITAN Puzzle!!

  1. At first I was like oh shit I might just buy one, then I saw the price. I would understand up to $60 because I know the price of raw brass, but $200??? You're out of your fucking mind.

  2. I give you a ton of credit for having that level of patience and focus for this puzzle because if it were me after about 20 minutes I would have lost the patience to fiddle with that puzzle, then I would have found a pry tool set to open the puzzle.

  3. the holes where the balls falls are not perfectly aligned (they are not in a straight line) ..they are in an angle so if you hold the ball in the wrong position (with the holes down) the balls will never stay in there .. so ball needs to be held with the holes up … that's why there is a 50% chance to solve it due to these un-alignment of the holes.

  4. So I think I know what the puzzle is and how to solve it on the 12th minute of watching. Will watch till the end to see if correct. 🙂

  5. Hi Chris love your tricks and cardistry. However im not such a fan of these puzzles. Just my opinion. Can you please teach us some street magic that doesn’t involve a pack of cards………

    I’d like more variety to what I can do and not just card tricks.

    Still love ya dude!

    Dan from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  6. its not impossible as your title says now folding a piece of paper in half more than 7 time is impossible

  7. does anyone rewatch his videos at night because the combination of his voice, the puzzle, and background sound calm you. idk i could be weird but it’s soothing to me. 😂

  8. Paused at 0:00, the title baffles me; how can a puzzle be impossible if you solve it ?

    C4 opens most things, this puzzle wouldn't be an issue.

  9. This is the most evil puzzle! Satan himself didn't know what to do with it so he threw it out , and it landed in Chris Ramsay's hands. Master puzzle solver Hats off to you sir

  10. There are two types of people who can solve puzzles like that:
    1. The smartest ones
    2. The strongest ones

  11. Kinda out of context but love your HP inspired tattoos.
    Your voice is also very calming and i love watching your videos for relaxation 😊 keep on doing what you doing
    Greetings from Austria (the one without the kangaroos)

  12. 11:08 I'm at this point so far I have noticed your only spinning it with the line or the gap between the 2 half's vertically. If it was me I would try spinning it horizontally with maybe the heavy side down first then maybe the light side just incase it relies on gravity of like multiple balls or pins falling at same time. Going to continue watching now thought I would share my thoughts so far

  13. Have you ever tried hackthebox.eu? It basicly the same stuff you are doing with these puzzles but in the technical / computer domain.

  14. Okay, I feel like no one knows that the moon Titan was named after the Greek god's enemies, the Titans. In fact most of the planets and moons were named after Greek/Roman gods and goddesses.

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