I’m not being funny back. I’m sick and tired of being accused of accusing someone of being racist. You calling me ‘cunt’ instead of ‘black’ is outdated so I get my iPhone out and say: ‘you really could do with some upgrading but.. I’m not calling you racist’. My nan and granddad used to say it.. Foster parents, they are white, I’m black which makes me slightly more complicated but No really it’s pretty basic see, They’re from a generation where racial slurs and terms are just part of the conversation. So I cant really blame them.. But you.. You’re from ‘generation Y’. So why do you say it? See I get it. People can say some racial shit without necessarily being inherently racist. My foster parents certainly weren’t. They would not have taken on me, my older brother, younger sister on that basis, the whole family embraces into their heart, the same way that veins take in blood They were far more concerned with the colour of our character than the shade of our faces, but sometimes, it’s less about the words you say and more about the intent with which you say them. No, This does not mean that you can call me “My Nigga” as if it’s a term of endearment I wish I didn’t bring this up but this is some of the most over debated stuff. Yes, some of us, call each other “it”. And no, I’m not completely defending it but you have to understand the re-appropriations at least a little bit. And still, I’m not really getting it. The fascination behind the inclusion to this inclusive club. Truth be told, it’s one I’d rather not be a member of. Understand a membership fee comes in a form of my ancestor’s history. Packaged deal. Disgusting you could literally buy one before we got one free. Think! And yet still people seem to see this as a privilege instead of a curse Do you really think you want a history that conceives this ugly word as a bastard, child, father by a white slave master who denounces that and leaves us to raise the little nigga. And yet some people still can’t seem to understand how this contributes to generations of black .. by father figures because by removing a father from a family was a common tactic back in the days of slavery, You give blacks their freedom back and wonder why this practice keeps prevailing. So it takes the piss but it’s just a word and if black people can say it then why can’t white people say it? And slavery, that happened ages ago get over it, that was back when people used to be racist, goodness, gracious, no. “It” is not just a word. “It” is an idea, you cannot kill. An idea. Ideas spread like wildfire. “It” is a way of behaving, “it” is a way of viewing yourself and others around you “it” is less than, “it” is 3 fifths of a man, “it” is a a salary cap “it” is a life expectancy “it” is only good for spitting bars on tracks “it” is a fast track to behind bars “it” is I can’t “it” is not a skin colour “it” is a way of viewing yourself and others around you and “it” will hold you down far more than chains ever could. And wether you spell “it” N I G G A or E R A and ER can only ever lead to sickness, witnessed by fitness, my roots when moving all the way deep back into Africa’s heart I’m just trying to embrace it into my veins the same way my foster parents let me into theirs. Thank you.

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