So… which literary location would you want to spend the night?

Hi everyone. I’m Rincey and I am one of the
contributing editors over at Book Riot and I have today’s reader question for you guys.
So for the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death there is a bunch of stuff going on all
around the world. One pretty cool thing is that Airbnb is doing this contest where you
can stay a night in the castle that is based on Hamlet’s castle. Or the castle that they
think Hamlet’s castle is based on is actually the proper way that sentence should be structured.
But that leads to my reader question for this week, which is which literary-based location
would you like to stay in for a night. The first one that I thought of was Darcy’s, like,
mansion type spread from Pride & Prejudice. But I’m going to leave it open. You guys can
leave comments about either real places or theoretically real places. Um. Obviously this
is literature so none of them are real or you can go with something more fantastical
if you want to say you want to stay at Mr. Tumnus’ cabin, or whatever, um, you are more
than welcome to do that as well. So definitely leave all of your comments down below with
where you would like to stay for a night, it would only be one night. I’m very excited
to see what you guys all have in mind.

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