Slam Poetry Sucks

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  1. I want to comment on how this is true but I know I'm going to get hate comments for it…
    I love all you slam poets but this is so true. No hate!!!

  2. Lol… sad but he's good.
    Reminds me of those guys who learn to ballet dance to make fun of the male ballet dancers. .. Before they know it they're actually great ballet dancers

  3. This is idiotic. slam poetry does not mean filming some stupid video with background music and all the crap he just said, it is so much more then that. you are making fun of people who are not actually slam poets, but imitations.

  4. Slam Poetry doesn't suck all the time. I hate performing but I live and breath poetry. So I can't totally agree but I feel where you're coming from.

  5. A true slam poet would swear more. Gotta make sure your audience knows you're edgy as fuck and not scared of social norms.

  6. This has nothing to do with real slam poetry, you're making fun of 'wannabe' poets, when you have little to no clue what the real thing is or is like.

  7. This is excellent, social justice awareness is total bullshit and any medium like slam poetry that causes people to face privilege should be outlawed, actually fuck it, hang the bastards.


  8. This is about how slam poetry is for me. I've heard a few good ones but mostly it seems it's about the act more than the actual words. I'm kinda a words person.

  9. As a poet, I find this very amusing. 
    Not in a condescending "this guy is an ignorant jackass." way. 

    Genuinely funny stuff. 

  10. i like slam poetry…i still thought this was pretty funny.  The same way i used to like kanye west and i still thought that episode of south park was funny.  I enjoy stephen a smith and also enjoy that dude from SNL.  In short i enjoy things and i also enjoy well done parodies of those things.  In fact i'd say you cant fully appreciate a well done parody, if you dont have knowledge and/or enjoy what is being made fun of 

  11. I honestly can't stand slam poetry. It is horribly lame beyond belief. Whenever I think of real good poetry its usually from authors long dead.

  12. I'm a poet who loves poetry. I love to watch amazing slam poetry as well. But this right here is pretty funny. Ironically you did a great job. Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

  13. this is hilarious. I write poetry as well and I never understood this urge to look similar to others just so your words are taken in a deeper way. Poetry is suppose to be like your fingerprint

  14. thanks so much for this.  pretty much exactly what i wanted when i typed "slam poetry sucks" into the search bar!  perfect

  15. Sums up the entrire slam poetry movement, but minus the relentless Marxist propaganda (especially hypocritical, considering that slam poets are invariably privileged middle class students) and interminable clichés and tendency to yell out and overemphasise lines made of cheap political maxims. So it's actually a bit better than the crap I've had to sit through at spoken word events.

  16. I do shit like this (not videos, but open mics and local slams).

    There's good slam poetry, but so much of it (especially the shit that pops up first on YouTube) absolutely abuses aesthetic to make some sort of generalized statement instead of expressing any genuine emotion.

    Teenage Christian poets pop out in my head first, but it really doesn't matter what stance they have as long as they can start a video with contemplative music and deliver punchline after corny-ass punchline to prop up a forced "twist" that serves only to give the illusion of depth and meaning where there is none.

    In my eyes, slam poetry could learn less from other slam poets and more from hip hop. The best poems I've ever seen performed were either pieces of absolute feeling based on real experiences or pieces built more to impress an audience with technicality/humor/whatever that wasn't pretentious bullshit about PROBLEMS IN MY LIFE AS A STRAIGHT WHITE DUDE.

    Beautiful video. 10/10.

  17. This isn't slam poetry! Slam poets doesn't even have the common fucking courtesy to make their poems rhyme… 10/10

  18. I was hoping for this to be a parody but when somebody does this as a parody I can never tell cause I always just bust out laughing

  19. What I can't stand is the immediacy of slam poetry. Most of it relies on clichés, a readymade delivery, and cheap metaphors. There's no surprise.

    Art fails when it doesn't challenge expectation. Without surprise, the work becomes dull.

    Of course, there's also the monotonous drama of the performance, which is usually fueled by an immature perception of being victimized.

  20. I hate the fact that some people actually make money off of poetry. especially slam poetry. really pisses me off.

  21. i like slam poetry, and i thought this was a good attempt, kinda made and disproved ur point at the same time. interesting.

  22. 0/10 i can understand what you're saying. Wheres the screaming? Wheres the super fast reading? Wheres the word "fuck" everytime you want the audience to clap?

  23. We used to call this "spoken word poetry" in the 80s and 90s. It's got to be the most cringeworthy art forms in existence.

  24. Yessss!!! That was perfect! I HATE spoken word, and you just brought healing to me because of this short video. I just came here to see if there are others out there that don’t like it.

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