Sirena Graphic Novel – Crowdfunding on Indiegogo

Hi, I’m Claudio Sciarrone, I’m a Disney artist some of you already know me, I’m here to present to you my first graphic novel totally independent I met Giorgio while he was working
on the screenplay of his first film and together we came up with the idea of extending this narrative universe using the graphic novel as the prequel to his film transforming it into a genuine transmedia project it’s sounds like a bad word, but is actually very cool! So if this adventure intrigues you
as much as it pleases us if you believe in artistic independence
and especially in experimentation there is only one way to become part of this adventure… Or two, actually… the first is to choose one of the rewards
we’ve made available There’s something for every budget and for all tastes The second is to share this initiative
in order to enlarge our family, because from today it’s no longer just our adventure
– it’s also become yours. So… thank you! show us your warmth and your affection We will update you about how the project is
growing and developing So… thanks again and speak to you soon! Bye!

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