Single Issues vs. Trades vs. Graphic Novels

hey I’m Brian from BMA comics con and
today I’m with Ronnie from news to astonish. and I’m not only am i with him
today. I am actually here in his studio. and we’re gonna talk about today, the
difference between singles, trades, and graphic novels. now this is part of a new
series that I’m trying to do called comic college class. and this would be a
part of the comic collecting 101. just where I give out little bits of
information as to what a lot of new people into comics might want to know. so
thanks for having me in my home Brian. I really appreciate it
you know. so let’s start things off with talking about the singles, and then we’ll
move to trade, and then graphics. Ronnie was so kind to provide the materials as
examples. you know these serve as templates or so, for those of you are
comic book novice. Um novices excuse me. and these are exactly what it implies
these are singles if you buy these individually on a bi-weekly or monthly
basis as they come out. I have Infinity Gauntlet as an example
as singles you combine that way and then you also have here that once the story
is finished they’re collected into a trade. either paperback or hardback. you
know this is a good thing to get because it’s also cheaper than collecting
it’s typically cheaper you’re selecting the individual issues. except for with
Marvel. Marvel’s trades like to be a little bit expensive. yeah. and with like
everything else and entertainment and everything in general there’s always a
demographic that companies tend to target. this can be targeting several
types of demographics comic book novices. people that are money savvy and money
aware that they’re trying to save some money as well financially speaking you
know this is perfect for those that want to get more bang for their buck. and also
you know just general fans who want to get to know the characters better but
don’t have them exact the money to spend but they can actually buy the book you
know and get to know the characters that way. yes which is why image likes to put
their vol.1 trades for $10. yeah. and everybody wins. yes. now these also
are typically a lot lower maintenance. also yeah definitely yeah I’m you can
tell totally be portable with this and bend it and play with it. the reason why
I have two of them is because I like to read my stuff on the go rather than
taking these sensitive, sensitive, little puppies to work or out in the public.
don’t want exactly get coffee spilled on these if you know what I mean.
these are very disposable; they’re expendable.
you can rebuy another one if you want. and it’s just a good way to read some of
the classic stories that these characters are well known for. and that
you know the general comic book audience are aware of. so if you want to get to
know your characters better from like the past and read some popular story
lines buy the Omnibus trade paperback novels. you will love them. yeah and you
don’t normally have to worry about these those typically don’t go up in value
from that paper whereas a lot of the times these single issues these for
example are worth more than the cover price from when they were purchased.
especially one like these are out you know, these are being sold up that Ah
aligned with the movies that are coming out. so infinity war was heavily
influenced on this as an example so they actually went up in price. like for real.
so I got that actually during the time in the upcoming Avengers Infinity War
movie that you know at the time so I was able to buy that and give away, giving
away, to a certain winner yes. and Yes that was for subscribing to his channel. so make
sure you do that you’ll be able to find the information to this channel in the
description below. and I’ll also have an annotation pop-up. yeah but I also next
want to go into the difference between this which is once again a trade
paperback and a graphic novel. now as I said this collects a full story. so this
is a full story however the graphic novels there is a level of exclusivity
to them so there are certain stories from comic book companies that really
you know they do release some writers and artists. they release them
exclusively to be collected as a novel only you can not find them as comic book
singles because that’s not the intention. so this is an example The Killing Joke
other examples are of Watchmen. I actually do both by Alan Moore. both by
Alan Moore. yes he was very very well-known writer and comic book artist
and you know and he writes amazing stuff. his is like beyond genius maybe we’ll
get one day we’ll get a look at what your collections looking like. definitely.
but just to keep this short because this was a real quick video just to give you
the difference between trades, graphic novels, and single issues. although you’ll
hear a lot of people call this the graphic novel, understand that’s what
they mean. but just let you know technically this is a trade, because it’s
the collection of the single issues; whereas a graphic novel is never
produced in single issue form it is a complete story. It comes as this. this is an
actual original I mean that’s it isn’t original The Killing Joke is actually
relatively new it’s like 2008. but anyways it’s relatively new and it’s
very it’s it’s canonical. because like you know Barbara Gordon gets paralyzed
in this issue if he she gets shot in the back by the Joker. and that’s
canonical in like the on going DC movies and comics. well there you have it
the difference between singles, trades, and graphic novels. I really appreciate
you watching this video hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions about
what was just said leave them in the comments. or if you have any questions
about any other further comic college classes that should come out we have a
list of them to come. but please let me know so maybe we can possibly answer
those questions for you all. so once again this is Ronnie from News to
Astonish I want to thank you again for joining me here in your studio. yeah
thanks again thank you for making me a part of one of your college comic book
crash courses. no problem actually speaking of which, while we were here
today we also the collaboration if you have not seen is on his channel. there
should be a link popping up right now to go see that. but again that also will be
in the description. so another reason why you wanna go check
out his channel. anyway I believe that’s it for this lesson, so thanks again for
watching. until next time. Brian out!!! and I’ll see you all in the
next comic panel. hey Dude yeah it’s a lot of fun
no leave your first one yeah it’s a good game man all right three two one go welcome I’m Brian from BMA Comic Con and
today yeah okay

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