“Sin City” by Frank Miller (1991) comic review – graphic novel recommendations

[Book cover of graphic novel “Sin City” by Frank Miller (1991) – comic review from comics recommendation list]Now, let’s talk aboutSin Cityby Frank Miller, which was released in the early 90s, and caused quite a stir in the comics world. Right off the bat, it was the artwork ofSin Citythat leapt out at everyone. The comics have a noir look, with extreme contrast between the light and dark parts of the images. In other words, everything is either blackORwhite, and there is extensive use of shadows and silhouettes. And, Frank tries a lot of interesting effects with the ‘look’ of the comic. Like, for example the way that Marv’s bandages show up on his silhouette for some reason. I really like that. And, look, as well as the artwork, the series is famous for its tone of writing, which uses the kind of language from detective pulp fiction. It’s fun to read, and the images and text work really well together. And I also like Frank Miller’s extensive use of onomatopoeia throughout the comic, with sound effect words like BLAM, BLAM, PUNT, SPAK, and POOM-POOM being incorporated into the artwork. I was so close to puttingSin Cityinto my list of essential comics, but I thought I’d err on the side of caution and put it here in my list of personal favourites. There are sevenSin Citystories that Frank Miller released. And to be honest, I don’t like all of them equally. So, my three recommendations for the bestSin Cityyarns are #1The Hard Goodbye, #2A Dame to Kill For, and #4That Yellow Bastard. So, check out those threeSin Citybooks, and then maybe check out the others as well.[title music: “Bunny” by Screamfeeder]

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  1. I just finished The Hard Goodbye and it's one of my favorite stories. I'll have to check out the rest at some point.

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