Shrinkhala Poem – Spoken Word poetry of Miss Nepal Talent 2018, Shrinkhala Khatiwada for Miss World

Miss Nepal .. or Pulchowk Campus Topper: Beautiful Architect or the daughter of a law maker: She is one person – Shrinkhala Khatiwada In the Miss Nepal Talent round held a few days ago, she did a heart touching presentation I have tried to translate her english statement to Nepali language Please try to find the mistake and help me do the proper translation If I can get your help, I will re-do this video with proper credits to the contributors. “Today for the talent round, I have prepared a spoken word poetry … “… named ‘colours’ . The reason why I have named it colours is because ” I have related an incident of someone’s life with different colors and at the end they’ve all come together you have to see the
act to understand but it’s a poetry that’s really close to my heart and
which I wrote with all my passion and emotions I hope you like it. Thank you. I was 9 years old when I sold my nudity to a man ten years older for some yellow
candies as he stripped my pink princess dress off I was no longer my red cheeks
and my big brown eyes for him I was my pink vagina I was my un-grown breasts
I was my pale nipples and innocent nine-year-old was now just another naked
female body and yet I smiled I said yes and I smiled I smiled and I said yes
because that’s what she’s supposed to do Right? Say yes and smile to any man who
sugercoates words and offers them to you like candies. Who calls you the prettiest
little girl in the world Seven years later riding my bike to the
mustard field the yellow suddenly blinds me. As the image of him his face … Blinds
me as the image of him his face Seven years later riding my bike
to the mustard fields suddenly the image of him his face my other dress at the
corner of the room blinds me as the image of him pushing my head against the
cold wall as he unzipped his blue jeans as he entered himself inside me as he
pulled my hair from behind as he turned my head as it whispered you are a very good
girl you won’t tell anyone about this Right ? Ever since I started hating the
colours I stopped getting up early to see the sunrise the orange reminds me of
the sweater I wore the first time he touched me I’ve cut all the roses the
red reminds me of him as he grabbed my breasts as they pulled back wiping my
blood off his lips as he sucked the life out of mine I hate the green grasses
they remind me of his evil green eyes his paste of green bedroom walls I hate
the sunset they remind me of everything that I’ve lost my innocence my dignity
that cold December night when I lost my body ever since I’ve colored my house
green now I love my lifeless garden I cannot stand the sunlight
I’ve put on thick drapes I not always make sure that the curtains are shut I
hate the mirrors they are liars they see me as my curvy silhouettes but I am just
my skin and bones I don’t have curves I have sharp edges
I can’t let a lover as they always come with colours blue eyes or green red
shirt or brown why don’t you understand that colors scare me but loneliness
always comes in black or cream I found solace in the
Darkness now it feels like my home now until one day when I was 22 years old
suddenly I read a book and it said we accept the love we think we deserve as
the echo of my voice said you deserve better you deserve better
I deserve better I woke up the next morning just in time to see the sunlight
as I found enough courage in me to open the dreams as the first rays of Sun hit
me in the mirror I saw remove for the first time in forever I accepted myself
I was all my experiences I was all my memories I was all the Reds and the
blues that the shadows and I was a ring and I was beautiful I am beautiful 64%
of the cases that happen every year are towards children who are below 16 years
of age it’s high time to teach our children about the crying that second
star body that’s against our dignity say yes to say no we deserve better thank

98 Replies to “Shrinkhala Poem – Spoken Word poetry of Miss Nepal Talent 2018, Shrinkhala Khatiwada for Miss World

  1. Is she speaking truth?????
    It's a scripted speech….
    I guarantee that she said this to gain popularity…

  2. amazing talent with social awareness , there still remains such evil human .today I’m really proud of you being miss nepal n👍👍👍👍

  3. This is some straight true shit…. she must have been treated like shit before these feelings are so freakin realistic

  4. Ab k grne sahi vneko tmle tara hamro saskar kaanun rajya …..ani yo desh bigareko timrai jaat ho badi garne hatya himsha garne tmro jaat nai ho baunu chetri nai ho sabai jaso …yo desh bigareko tmro jaat le ho …k grxhau mn dhukhera aauxa ..

  5. aaj samma mn pareko miss world 🌍 nepal 🇳🇵 proud of u sister

  6. Yo kunae samaj ko euta example story hunasakla but yesma satetya xa most of the gal under 16 ma nae rape ma prdaxan

  7. I agreed to some extent but every coin has got two face, so wether its a male or female both of them deserve freedom and respect .

  8. You really deserves the salute.. that you yourself understood you are a rainbow……. and thank you for the amazing words that pierced my heart.. and congratulations…… you deserves to be miss Nepal.. Miss women ….

  9. I love you srinkhala
    .may god bless you…
    go and won miss world crown..u deserve that crown too.bless you alottt..😘😘💗💗💗💗💗

  10. काेमल अाेलि साँन्सद हुन सकेकाेले ,उनी पनि miss world हुन सक्छिन जस्तो लाग्छ ! बधाई छ पाखण्डि talent लाई !

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