Short Story: Ground Zero

Ground Zero ´What is the game!?´
´Survival but thrive-al!´ ´What´s the goal!?´
´Survival but thrive-al!´ ´What is the prize on which we keep our eyes!?´ ´Survival but thrive-al!!´ ´OK, then: go about your business, do whatever you need to do!´ ´…Or harmlessly fancy doing!´ It was a slightly silly p- Post-Youtube weekly ritual: but so was my attempt to build a real-life Book Ball stadium, à la Stampy Cat, based on the principle of a giant air hockey pitch! The chant may sound military but it kept us together, and Nye was a good man. We needed that. We still hadn’t decided what book to use. I suspect it might come down to my Dad´s old ZX Spectrum (User) Manual! Post-apocalyptic-retro-pastoral-cool: does exactly what it says on the tin!

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