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English literature and language XIV Introduction : Geoffrey Chaucer, the greatest literary figure of the 14th century English Literature, has a great contribution in the development of the English Language and Literature that due to his influence, the period of his life has been titled as the “Age of Chaucer” in English literary history. He reflected his age in literature as no other but great Shakespeare has ever done. He was born about 1340. His father’s name was John Chaucer who was a vintner of Thames Street, London and his mother was probably Agnes. At the age of 16, Chaucer became page to the wife of Lionel, the Duke of Clarence. In 1359, he went with the king’s army to France where he was captured, but ransomed before the treaty of Bretigny, in 1360. On his return to England , Chaucer became an esquire of the King’s Bed-chamber. Between the years, 1368 and 1387, Chaucer made several official journeys to Flanders, France and Italy. He was a successful diplomat. These journeys to the different places offered him to meet and observe different people of different background, manners, fashion and culture. He acquired a great experience on the nature of men and women or mankind. He observed and analysed various situations, people, officials, and places; and these observations inserted a clean and pure concept into him about life. The experiences he gathered in him during his journeys used in literary creation later on, which we clearly find in his greatest narrative and representative poetry, his masterpiece, “The Canterbury Tales” . The Canterbury Tales : The Canterbury Tales is the collection of stories of different people from the different socio-economic background and profession, gathered in the same place of Canterbury to visit the relics of Saint Thomas Becket in the Canterbury Cathedral. Chaucer has greatly presented each and every character with perfection in the form of poetry. His characterization and plot making are excellent and real. The characters are real, full-blooded and active in their situations. Chaucer has revealed the whole English society of his age through his characterization, versification and expression of situations according to the nature of characters. He has given the taste of imagination in the real stories. He was a very keen and deep observer of human nature and passion. Chaucer’s travelling or journeys to the different places enabled him to know the status, nature, passion, also personal life of different people that led him to create such a masterpiece like, “ The Canterbury Tales”. Knight, Lawyer, doctor, cook, sailor, housewife, clerk, merchant and so on , the every type and category of people have been analyzed with a complete sense of reality and fact. All the literary qualities—-humor, pathos, irony, satire—have been introduced in the single work. Chaucer was the mouthpiece of his age. Chaucer as the father of English Poetry : Chaucer is rightly called the father of English Poetry as he has paved the way to the world of for the future or upcoming poetic generation. He founded English language and poetry alike. Albert calls him, “ the earliest of the great moderns” because he imparted modernity to English language and poetry, and “ it is through him, that its free secular spirit first expressed itself in our poetry”. Matthew Arnold opines, “with him is born our real poetry.” He was rightly recognized during the Renaissance as the father of English poetry. Chaucer made a great contribution making the way for the future generation of poets by teaching the art of poetry which he first experimented with his great characterization and narration and versification in the form of “ The Canterbury Tales”. His characterization also paved the way for the future novelists, the art of novel writing. G.K. Chesterton calls him, “the grandfather of the English novel” as he taught the art of characterization and plot making , that the novelists that came centuries later used in their novels. Chaucer founded the English poetry in the shape of truth and reality, reflecting the society in a single holy gathering of different people and has taught the art of decorating of verses, inputing imagination and evoking the emotion and feeling… Chaucer’s Contribution to the English Language : In the development of the modern English language, William Shakespeare and Dr. Samuel Johnson made a great contribution, Shakespeare by his poems, plays and the appropriate use of vocabulary in his writings, and Dr. Johnson by his Dictionary. In the same way Chaucer made a remarkable contribution in the development of the modern English language by his versification and selection of language conserving the modern form of the English language in his hand to be developed. In his age, there were many dialects in the English language spoken over England, in the different places of England and most of them were complex and unsystematic in grammar and syntax. The major dialects of the English Language were——-

The Southern dialect
The Midland or East-Midland dialect
The Northern or Northumbrian dialect
The Kentish Out of those four major dialects, The Midland or The East-Midland dialect was popularly spoken in London and its surrounding area. Chaucer chose the Midland dialect to produce his writings and thus the Midland dialect was conserved in the form of poetry or literature. The dialect was easy in grammar and syntax and also systematic. Later on, Chaucer’s use of the dialect led the foundation of the Modern English Language. That is why , Lowell opines, “ Chaucer found his English a dialect and left it a language. He chose not only the right dialect but the right language, i.e, English, as there were other languages in trend like Latin, and French. Chaucer also composed his verses almost in the very modern form of English. Thus he made a notable contribution to the English language and Literature and he is the father of English poetry , as he showed the way of creating poetry in a great and popular form. Conclusion : Chaucer passed away in 1400 A.D. and was buried in the Poet’s Corner. He has left the world making his life meaningful, revealing the human nature and social customs through his various professional characters in The Canterbury Tales. He paved the way for the development of English language and Literature. video and you have learned something
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