Sexiest Languages: Pick up Lines (Women Respond)

I like this idea Instead of speed dating they should do this with everybody It’s a great trick to approach people My favorite language for men is probably French I think it’s French. I don’t know. It sounds so chic My favorite language is Spanish I don’t know. It sounds very sweet and warm Do you think you’re gonna do well on this? No Hello! You said that you’re small? is that it? No. Not small. Not small. Nothing is small Can you understand it, Antonella? Yes — if your ass… was a boat… I would be the … captain When we are with friends we use it Does it work? No So, where do you think I am from? Chile? Chile? Chile? Brazil? Brazil? Brazil? You are Argentinian. No! Argentina! It doesn’t sound European Peru? No! To everyone I speak in the street they say “this!” I say “Yes! Correct.” I’m from Spain. Spain, Spain. Spain, Spain? Of course. Did you find it sexy, Priscila? Yes… You see! You see! And before – what did you say? I don’t like Spanish very much. You know what I said to you? That was really cheesy. What was it? The fire that burns inside when you are young I’m feeling the same sort of fire inside me and then… can I have your number? Can you guess the language? Asian? Or Chinese or Korean? Wow. Wow. Like – as in if your pick up line would work? Would it? No I knew that Can you guess? Pakistanian Oh wow. Am I right? Yes! You are actually! Pakistan? Oh yes! How did you get it? I don’t know Borat. Oh Borat! Is he a Pakistani? The accent! The accent French? You’re speaking French then something else, I swear Yeah, that’s French You spoke something else in between though, right? No, that was only French Oh, this is French! Are you from France, France? Yes, I’m from France, yeah. So I said — you probably don’t kiss strangers… so let me introduce myself Hey, I think I saw you somewhere You`re way too beautiful Can I get your number? I know it’s not Indian, but it sounds like Indian Oh, you’re Asian. Oh my God, no! This is Chinese! Or it’s an Asian language Would that work on you, Antonella? It’s very gentle, but I’m very difficult, so You’re Korean or .. yeah? No? Yes Please, don’t do this at home Please tell me you have a heart to miss, cause I’m getting lost in your eyes But you can’t see her eyes No. Talk more Sounds like East Europe Turkish? No Ok, I’m so bad at geography. Cut this! You said ‘casa’. This is Latin. So you are Romanian! So I’m talking about your beauty I like the way you sit You’re a very beautiful person Shall I take you to my country? So do you have any idea where that comes from? No, but maybe I would go Oh, I was just trying to pick a line like How was the day when you come here? Did it snow too much for you? You’re lost with my language It’s okay So your beauty is confusing my thoughts That sounds like a close version of Arabic for some reason No Sounds like African maybe? Yeah I have no idea but is this a poem? Cause it’s beautiful Nigeria? Wow Really? I wanted to say Nigeria but I wasn’t sure And the dialect is called Yoruba My favorite? Spanish Probably the first one. The Spanish one? The first one was really sexy. Who was? Wow Do you like Spanish now? Yes I just like the sound of the words that were in Spanish Do you think this is a good way to — Oh yeah. This is a great idea You can fantasize about.. you just focus I don’t know You really block one of your senses Yeah. It is nice

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  1. aawwww i fell in love with the korean guy .. uuuuuuuuuhhh that accent is so sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love that language and i think their physical features are so so beautifil.. his skin looks so soft and shiny… ohhh god pls !!! i wanna know hiiiiim sooooo badly!!!!! jejejejejejeje

  2. 1:09 Ok, I will translate for you :/
    He: If your ass were a boat, I would be a sailor (Si tu culo fuera un barco, yo sería marinero).
    Me: WTF!

  3. Elas gostaram do Espanhol, porque não ouviram o Português do Brasil, sexy é pouco para descrever kkkkkk

    They liked Spanish because they have not heard the Portuguese from Brazil yet, Sexy is little to describe. 😂

  4. si esq no se como hacen para siempre pillar al español mas nabo 😉
    0:54 – jellow (si esq que cordiales que somos)
    1:06 – no small no small, (con dos cojones asi se defiende a todo español)
    1:20 – a boat a boat yes
    1:22 – yes, when we are with the friends we use to, we use (cara de no se que coño acabo de decir, pero a ver si cuela)
    1:51 – to every juan aima spiking indede street they say okay this, i mean yes okay
    2:02 – ahh usia usia before what did u say

  5. the French was not translated correctly…He said "Your father is a thief. He stole all the stars in the sky and put them into your eyes"

  6. Chinese is pitched, Japanese is straight n strict, Korean is gentle, now I know why it is called the land of the morning calm. Wow… and its in a symphony with the music in the background

  7. whenever someone guesses “Brazil” when people are speaking Spanish i feel like going on a murder spree, it makes us Brazilians so mad, we do not speak Spanish! learn it once and for all jesus christ

  8. I know 5 languages, the Americans are honestly fucking idiots. No wonder i dont go near that boiling shithole. Not for scholarships, nor for anything.

  9. @4:50 he says harte as in map not heart so the phrase is “miss please tell me u have a map cuz i keep gettin lost in yo heart

  10. The very last woman on this video (promoting the upcoming one) was quoting Rammstein, "Du Hast Mich" I guess she couldn't think of anything in German other than song titles?

  11. I'm a native spanish speaker
    And must say I prefer my own language and also Italian
    Spanish and Italian are so warm and melodic languages~
    Oh si 7u7r por su postre jajaja

  12. When we went to Italy we would speak to the natives in Spanish, they respond to us in Italian, we understand each other fine!

  13. 4:44 What the heck! He said "Please tell me that you have a map etc etc" and he translated "Please tell me that you have a heart etc etc"😂😂😂😂

  14. So the Spaniard liked Italian better and the Italian liked Spanish better. Well, they should exchange numbers… ¬¬,

  15. Oh man, I didn't think Korean would do it for me, but it really did, lmao. I'm gonna need a cold shower after this.

  16. I am astonished how ignorant all these people are – except the Nigerian tribal language and Korean all languages were obvious !!

  17. That Korean man had me on the FLOOR!! ANd I'm so proud of myself I knew what he was saying !!!!!! <3

  18. So she loves and find sexy spanish accent and don't even recognize it? Only a woman could be so dumb.
    And hearing the nigga then make them all squirt and don't even about accent lol.

  19. i’m romanian and i have to say that romanian is a very nice, beautiful latin/romance language very similar to italian and spanish

  20. The brazilian girl went well. I understand when she says she doesn't like Spanish very much, cause many brazilians really don't like it very much

  21. I couldn't play this because I would offend so many people. I barely know more than 7 languages and they're like the common ones. i.e French, Spanish, Italian, German.. like I wouldn't guess that they were speaking swedish, polish, urdu, swahili…

  22. "Can you guess the language?" "Asian. Pakistanian. Indian." Is this how ignorant average Americans are?? Those are not languages!!! Asia is a whole continent! Pakistan is the name of a country, not the name of a language. Same with India.

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