Sesame Street: Author (Word on the Street Podcast)

MURRAY: Hi. I’m Murray from “Sesame Street.” And I’m looking for
the word on the street. What’s the word on the street? GIRL 1: Author. MURRAY: What does the
word “author” mean? GIRL 2: Someone
who writes a story. BOY 1: An author writes books. WOMAN 1: Or plays or poetry. MURRAY: Have you ever been
an author of anything? GIRL 3: In school
we make stories. MURRAY: I wonder if
I could write a book. GIRL 4: You could. MURRAY: “Author.” That’s the word on the street. The end. LAUREN: Hi. I’m Lauren. GROVER: And I am Grover. LAUREN: And we are
here to tell you all about the word “author.” GROVER: Yes, the word “author.” Tell them what it means, Lauren. LAUREN: Well, an
author is someone who writes books and stories. LAUREN: And my smart
and cute friend Lauren here writes books and stories. Is that not right, Lauren? LAUREN: It’s true. I love to write
books and stories. GROVER: And that
makes you an author. LAUREN: It does. And today, my cute and
furry friend, Grover, is going to be an author too. GROVER: Yes. Wait. What? How am I going to be an author? LAUREN: You and I are going
to write a book together. GROVER: But, but I have
never written a book before. LAUREN: Well, don’t
worry, Grover. I will help. Now, how should our story begin? GROVER: Um. Let me think. Uh. Ooh. Uh. Perhaps, it can begin like this. Once upon a time, there
was a dill pickle. LAUREN: I love it. I’ve always wanted to write
a book about a pickle. I love it. GROVER: What should happen
next in our story, Lauren? LAUREN: Oh. I know. The pickle’s pickle jar is
broken in a terrible deli accident. GROVER: Ooh. Yes, perfect. LAUREN: All right. Now, what happens in our book? GROVER: Um. The pickle winds up living
in a tropical fish tank– LAUREN: Oh. GROVER: –and becomes best
friends with a clown fish. LAUREN: Yes. GROVER: Oh boy,
oh boy, this book is practically writing itself. BOOK: Wait. Wait. If I’m doing the writing,
that makes me the author. ALL: Author. SINGER: There’s a
tiger in my book. And a lion in my book. There’s a sneaky alligator
I can spy on in my book. Sometimes, all I need
is a book to read. There are pirates in my
book on an ocean in my book. There’s a sorcerer with secret
magic potions in my book. And to learn where the story
will lead, I just read. On a quiet day, I could
go outside and play. But there’s adventure in my
book, so exciting in my book. Turn the pages. See the pictures. Read the writing in my book. Yes, sometimes, all I
need is a book to read. ERNIE: Hey, Bert. Bert, it’s done. It’s done, Bert. BERT: What? What’s done? ERNIE: This wonderful short
story that I just wrote, Bert. BERT: Short story? ERNIE: Yeah. BERT: You wrote it? ERNIE: Yes. You want to hear it? BERT: Oh wow. Yes, I do. Go ahead. Yeah, yeah, yeah. ERNIE: Because, Bert, this is
the best story ever written. BERT: Oh terrific. Read it for me. ERNIE: It’s the greatest
story in the world, Bert. BERT: OK. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. ERNIE: OK. Here we go. Ready? BERT: Yeah, yeah, yeah. ERNIE: OK. It starts like this– A,
B, C, D, E, F, G– Now comes the sad part, Bert. (CHOKING UP) H, I,
J, K, L, M, N, O, P– BERT: That’s the
alphabet, Ernie. ERNIE: Just a second, Bert. Now, comes the action part. BERT: Of course. ERNIE: Q! R! S! T! T, Bert. BERT: Yes. Yes. ERNIE: U, V. Now,
comes the big finish. W! X! Y! BERT: Well? ERNIE: Well, what, Bert? BERT: Well, finish it. ERNIE: What? And tell you how the story ends. Then, you won’t read
it yourself, Bert. MURRAY: What is an author? GIRL 5: An author is
somebody who writes a book. MAN: An author is somebody
that writes books. MURRAY: Uh-huh. MAN: Magazines. MURRAY: There are
authors in there. What else can an author write? MAN: Poetry. MAN 2: Someone who
writes books or articles. MURRAY: Have you ever been
an author of anything? GIRL 3: In school
we make stories. MURRAY: You wrote
a story in school. What was your story in school? GIRL 3: I wrote more than one. I think I wrote three. MURRAY: You’re an
author of three stories. WOMAN 2: If you’re
going to be an author, you need to write with a
pencil, a pen, or a computer. MURRAY: “Author.” That’s the word on the street. Have you ever been the
author of anything? GIRL 6: Yeah. My character gets
lost on the subway. MURRAY: Oh my. No. No. Oh my gosh. That sounds like
such a dramatic book. COBY: Hi. I’m Coby. GROVER: And I am cute and
lovable little Grover. COBY: Now, we’re
here to tell you all about today’s word,
which is “courteous.” GROVER: Yes. “Courteous.” And I know all about
the word “courteous.”

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