Searching the library catalog for literary criticism

If you need to refresh your memory on how to search library catalog take a look at our videos called finding books Part one and finding books part 2 in this video we are going to be looking at how to find Literary criticism in a library catalog so we click here on search the catalog Let me type in the name of the work we are looking for There’s something to make note up here one is the if you are searching for a short story or a poem There might not be an entire book dedicated to that item you may want to search Search for your author’s name to find literary criticism about the author a literary critic Schism of the author will probably discuss their writing style and maybe different themes that they explore in there were Work So we do our search for the title of our work What were not looking for is the text of the work if you’re looking at a popular work You’re looking for a performance or a dvd of it either so that is where are facets come here Come in down here on the side under subject We’re going to click on criticism and interpretation This just shows us the books of literary criticism about our work Now i’m going to do the same thing only this time i’m going to look for my author’s name Once i search for my author remember i’m not interested in works By that particular author button literary criticisms of the author So i always want to click on criticism and interpretation Now that i have fangs no down a little i can choose a book and take a closer look at it if you were More information about how to look at book records check out our video finding books part 2 And that will show you how to find the information to cite with Remember if you have any questions Don’t hesitate to contact us You can contact us by phone email text live chat Or by coming into the library

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