Search JSTOR for Literary Criticism

This tutorial will cover how to use JSTOR to locate literary criticism. First it’s actually a little bit easier if you go into the advanced search. You can do that either by clicking on advanced search right below the search box or up at the top, you can click on Search and choose advanced. This will bring you to the advanced search page. Before you start searching, limit to articles and then if you go down to where it says “Narrow by discipline” we can limit to”Language and literature” journals Next brainstorm for keywords to describe what you want to find. For example, if I were writing about symbolism in The Great Gatsby, I might type in the box “Great Gatsby” — and any time you have a phrase put quotation marks around it — and “green light” If I wanted to put in more keywords, I could click “Add field” Right now I’m just going to search for “Great Gatsby” and “green light” and leave the menu on “Full Text” search Click search This is our list of journal articles. Your title’s in blue. Below that’s your author and all the information you’ll need to cite the source And then a small excerpt from the journal article You can choose to either read it online or download the PDF If you need to print you’ll need to download the PDF Otherwise, I would choose “Read Online” And that will bring up the full article Use the arrows to flip through the pages View citation will bring up your citation information And again if you want to print click on “View PDF” and accept JSTOR’s terms and conditions And that will bring up the PDF in a new browser window Quick tip for searching PDFs, if you hit control + f or Command + f on the Mac we can then search the document to see every instance of “green light” appearing in this particular journal article And then you can read around, see if it’s going to be helpful to you or not. And, if it is, the print button on the PDF is down here in the bottom right If you have questions about locating literary criticism in JSTOR, as always, contact a librarian.

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