SAYORI LIVES! | Doki Doki Literature Club Mod: A Brand New Day (Part 2)

Sayori hugs the cookie Jeez, how’s him do that as well hug the cookie cookies? Why would you waste your time hugging it when you could just eat it. I hug it in my mouth In my face. It’s more of a face hug It’s a cookie won’t you? Facially hug it yeah you want to appreciate a good cookie. Sorry. I need to facially hug my hand Facial hug Sayori rapidly, thank you Sayori gets out of her seat and goes behind Natsuki then wraps her arms around her- aww jeez She’s giving her a mouth hug Wow Yeah Okay, great. This is that’s a very different game here, Stephanie Hey guys and welcome to GT live and welcome to you keep on do GT live As you can see we have a special guest here today on the livestream its name is Skip You know Stevie’s a dude. He’s totally dude knit and today We are continuing our adventure through doki-doki literature club a brand new day a brand new day Skip nice appreciated that doki-doki literature club, but we can save everyone our our protagonist Maddie patty has an unusual obsession with cupcakes Cupcakes, and he’s having weird dreams, and everyone is talking about his Manmeet, which is you know? cool Cool, bro cool. Yeah, that definitely fills everybody in on exactly. That’s it. That’s what you need to know yes Basically the rest of date, we looked ahead the rest of day to is is largely the same The the women folk get in an argument about breast size as as you do Do they at or do you use as one assumes women do as? Do women you would you would know better than I have you ever gotten into a debate with a fellow woman’s about? Stuffing or non stuffing over the brawl. I can’t say that I ever have I I’ve never gotten into an argument In the in the competitive race there, though So maybe maybe I just don’t qualify for the arguments about boobs as a oh it’s okay I’m alright with that as I’m happy with myself as a theater man who has cross dressed on several occasions I Probably have done more broths noting that stephanie has I did try a water balloon at one point cuz everyone’s like I always try water balloon or blue Yeah, there’s without any support. It’s just like oh Whatever you and it’s just gone, so what does it do? Putting on the floor and pudding you were filling your water balloons. No, I I want to stay True to for like I I want my craft to be as natural as possible You think if they give the realistic jiggle physics I don’t know. Love you. Do you think ladies breasts are made of pudding? I? Mean it’s more so than water it’s like really. I mean are you sure? It’s just in everyone, I’m so glad we’re playing doki-doki literature club so all of this is coming to the surface Matthew believes Our made Sure we’re talking about texture Stephanie you think they’re the texture we’re talking about Sorry About what happened earlier so you didn’t like I said, you didn’t spot anything. Yes, you missed the debate between that Sookie and URI about proper viscosity of breasts dolls Oh, thank you Ben w for starting the hashtag pudding boobs in the chat. I really hope we can keep this one up you guys I Think it’s because of you I think they’re trying to fight for dominance over you Dominate me URI hopefully in drag says pre stream conversations are always my favorite part right right right? They’re they’re my favorite parts of the streams do At least you won’t have to worry about me when I’m gone the other girls will take care of you, yeah It looks like say aureus though wasn’t caught on onto the kind of situation I’m in or maybe I’m a dumbass and she knows more than I’m thinking well Where did I come from I’ll make sure we all have a nice and bright future say Lori Together all of us jello, I think it’s more like jello So that’s the end of day two here we go, I patiently waiting from say Orias house It’s been over 45 minutes. Should I just wait or go in ah? don’t wait another hour I Got already going. Oh, yeah. I’m done waiting something is wrong. I knock on the door oh I checked the door and to my luck. It’s unlocked that is just unsafe She’s still asleep Obviously as you can tell by the image on screen. I hear a gentle snoring just hearing that puts me at ease Thank goodness. I start to walk to her bed to wake her up but notice one of her desk drawers is slightly open Oh, I am shocked at what I find and appalled. I don’t know oh oh Makeshift noose. Oh boy She’s been having a hard time waking up in the morning been complaining about other things, too What the 8g double hockey sticks is wrong with me? Why didn’t I notice this sooner? Oh, man? Oh, no way I quickly pocket the news from the drawer, right? What enormous I quickly shove the entire news in the Bible? Say Ori wakes up. Is that a noose in your pocket? Are you just happy to see me? Oh no, it’s just Not today death What a great life I grab say Ori by the shoulder I thought you were going to shake her violently until she like Realizes the error of her ways I should have realized you were hurting all this time. Oh, we just jumped right into it Oh boy, you could have addressed this before grabbing her shoulders highways Me your best friend Thanks. I am such a big dummy Wow Gina. This is a self-aware Matty patty I’m such a big dummy. I’m sorry sorry I’ve caused you pain all this time without knowing it that ends now I hold in my tears No, it’s not supposed to be like this it’s not supposed to be this way I’m not supposed to be happy Your hugs feel so warm I’m so scared Maddy patty CRE lets me go you are not alone now I’ll help you and make sure you do get good help as opposed to bad Yeah as opposed to my help which is as shown in other mods not quite the best Let me help you okay Sorry shakes her head in agreement. We pause and stare at one another again Think that I’m staring at you we’re staring stare, MA. I wasn’t important open Look time again yay crap I forgot to write a poem Ok crap. That’s what it was hey Maddie patty. Oh, no not again not Monica again I Hope you got one of them damn homes I hope you got poems for a tea party Monica suddenly assumes a southern dialect. She tweaked the wrong veil value in the code, right I’m a southern boom now. Hope you got one of them poems foaming Yeah about that No poems no cupcakes got it yes, ma’am One more thing sugar Thanks for not leaving say Orry hey, I realized that I still have the noose in my pocket Will you come with me to buy a snack? No, no No Not at all just flat out I forgot to bring much money with me to clip today. Why don’t we take a look at your purse say, Orry? What Why that all of a sudden no reason really I just wanted to look at it ah Say Orie nervously retrieves her coin purse She fumbles with the lemon get to know why it has a very small news Just all over the place she’s like a clown with those little scarves explain this to me say Lauri It’s like this thing of mini news My hamster has been going through a tough time The mini me who’s she fumbles with the latch and gets it open Then she turns it upside down and lets its contents people under the desk. Oh only two small coins fall out And a mini news I knew it That’s not fair How do you even know if you had enough money in the first place you would have bought a snack before coming to the club? Room hey, oh there’s one more thing. I know about you say Orry. You’re always hungry Ah Ha ha ha Yuri suddenly giggles hey, I didn’t notice that she was listening in her face is in her book has hallways More like this you can say her faces at her putting like boobs as always jell-o jell-o gellick gelatinous boobs ah Yes, gelatinous better. No better descriptor hamster my god, man. I’m telling you a dish a Flan like bosom her eyes are in her flattish bosoms I Did something bad now. I have to accept the revolution I Don’t know what that’s supposed to mean, but equal that means and everyone’s part. That’s a revolution Out of nowhere something smacks hey Horry in the face and tumbles out of the desk the back of my hand Fletcher Sure enough it’s a giant cookie wrapped in plastic. Sorry glances around Miracle it’s because I restitution retribution revolution Actually that one almost worked I Was just gonna give it to you, but then I heard you blab about the cupcakes It was totally worth seeing your reaction though, aha Siri hugs the cookie Jeez, ask him do that as well. Yeah, hug the cookie cookies Why would you waste your time honking it when you could just eat it. I hug it in my mouth In my face. It’s more of a face hug We’re just gonna let that one sit there great What no facially go ahead facially hug whatever you want stuff. I mean more power to you happy I’m just saying I’m efficient just eat it It’s a cookie won’t it? Facially hug it yeah you want to appreciate a good cookie Sorry, I need to facially a hug my hand Here what a hug facial hug? Sorry rapidly Thank You Siri rapidly tears open the wrapper and takes a big ol bite With my face right now Requestor and over well Siri gets out of her seat and goes behind netsuke, then wraps her arms around her dog She’s giving her a mouth hug Wow yeah Okay, great. This is that’s a very different game here Stephanie. It’s a very different game. Where say or he gives netsuke Monica chose the club over her boyfriend after all You’re so strong-willed What are you guys saying she was literally just here literally just here Boyfriend. What are you talking about Monica physically glances at me, I wink whoa? right man Maddie Patti making a move al don’t worry about it a Worry about it Wow the Fonz so like you’re totally fun. Hey Monica. Don’t worry about it Just tells everyone that you and I think yeah, babe You know you you put me it was us save all the other guys out of here you meet What up did it hurt when you fell from heaven something or other geez Jerry hands me the water pitcher and also fetches an electric kettle I’m going to plug this in the teacher’s desk, and then I’ll get some water I’m going to continue narrating every single thing I do instead Oh, yeah
excuse a instead of saying literally every step of this process you could just Just go and do it all right. You’re more than welcome, Justin uh
She walks past me and set the kettle down on the teacher’s desk like she just told me she was about I simply watch her movie to my surprise the way She moves really contrasts her speaking mannerisms, Naomi eventually because of her long legs URI appears elegant Okay may I have the water pitcher for the next step of this pre described process Thanks, I’ll be right back oh I might as well walk with you, then the literally five steps that I’m sure it is to the teacher’s desk oh Did you relieve you again? What do you mean again? She’s just filling up the water pitcher to make tea Okay, you might want to check, but that’s just me A few more minutes pass Yuri said it wouldn’t take long what’s holding her up is she’s squeezing her own ball Out of the clouds What would one squeeze the water out of there We think it out of her own body These aren’t boat leaves aren’t water balloon, maybe maybe they are maybe that’s what it is All to talk about stuffing a bra squeeze in the water Yuri, oh geez yeah Yuri punches me right in the face with her fist punch him punch him punch her back fist the cops Oh Back out wow it’s like a chaos I fight in here I awake him back in the classroom on a desk seat quite sloppily odd Geez what the h e double hockey sticks just happened was I just one shotted by a girl Worse yet were those cuts on her arm They seem very deep I brought my fingertips down the side of Mary’s hair trying to straighten it out So this is this is the section that we’ve done before right? The whole believe you skip through the place At Wave DB group says you’re he’s not a cutter just a cat owner that explains all the cuts on her arms, Deb that would Be accurate my arm does look like you’re easy. Yeah. Yep Not to make light if any of that Madi Patti you’re not thinking about this the right way at all It’s not just about reading poems. It’s about performing them telling you car wash like you say the lines of the poem life between my feet the last remaining flour Beckons to me. I think the high pitch up see where his voice is prompting his skip to like He’s like responding to it like a dog whistle. Hey, buddy. Yeah, I twist the stem Freeing it from its clinging rude Ibis Caressing the final joyous moment between my fingers But to what is have I summoned this joy For now when I look in every direction the once prosperous field Before me Is what a barren wasteland? Flip has been overcome by the feeling of skips a human Bone tree food, but yes, he’s so grumpy. I know these nomads like I’m so hungry You’re gonna make me look like URI I make a quick phone call ooh. I make a quick phone Call to say orys parents what Wow Oh man, look at him. Oh, man. I tell them what happened in the morning and send them photos of the news oh wow All right, and I have seen you pulled it out of his pants finally Hey, yes this is me, thank you Chris for zooming in on me pulling the news out of my pants great Of course here, you’re capable moment pulling and pulling a news out of pants This is a very a very accurate like you know gift moment that you’ll want here you go There we go we got it enjoy enjoy that one they’re at a loss They informed me. They’ll take Sayuri to the hospital tomorrow to get checked up Remand me they won’t be home tonight I asked it to say or he could stay over at my place because I’m worried about her safety They reluctantly agreed. I told them I would protect her with my life Wow Maddy clamp and a half – Maddy patty For making the occasional good decision you might be a cupcake fiend who also dabbles and flan But good on you, sir, I gotta ask us. We kind of close out the day here, yeah What is the appropriate age or inappropriate age when you can actually ask someone to sleep over ah? Like almost I like it totally depends on who you ask Right and also how many co-ed people roomy for co-ed sleepovers. Yes, I Never had co-ed sleepovers ever except This one time when I dated a guy who lived really far away from me and we would sleep on separate floors and I really liked his parents And I just kind of wanted his family to adopt me so Wow but that was usually named for his parents I know just like a woman just like use it in for the Perry um so You know you really put me in a trap Maddie honey trap my manhood Whoa I’ve been reluctant to tell you, but I’ve always been like this You’re just seeing it now I’ve really had bad depression my whole life whoa Look at us Wow like opening up. This is like legitimately a good way of handling. Oh yeah, this is great Why do you think I’m late to school every day because most days I can’t find a reason to get out of bed What reason is there to do anything when I fully know how worthless I am Why go to school? Why eat? I mean she does find enough reasons to do that I’m going to break. I know way to break the moment yeah That’s why I wanted so badly for you to make friends with everyone else Helping everyone be happy together. It’s the best thing for me but then I discovered something else too Seeing you make friends and get closer with everyone else in the club. It feels like a spear going through my heart So that’s why? That’s why I decided the world just wants to torture me Every path leads to nothing but hurt Sorry I don’t care if you feel selfish Really happy that you convinced me to join the club Seeing you every day makes it worthwhile ago If I make friends with everyone else, then that’s just bonus like flan cook Please never underestimate how much I care about you Wouldn’t have it any other way mani patty Savory isn’t hugging me back Despite my arms being wrapped around or say or his arms form a deter sighs yeah, he starts sobbing next to my ear No Don’t do this to me please don’t do this naughty patty I Say where he barely manages to speak between her sobs. I know what I did was right. I hug tighter If you have it in you to call yourself selfish, then you have it, too If you have it in you to call yourself selfish, then you have to let me be selfish too. No matter what it takes I’ll help you. You’re no longer alone I love you say worry. I’ll help make these feelings go away And if there’s anything that you need me to do then. You’d better. Tell me I’ll get mad if you do I Don’t know I Don’t know You don’t know Gently say or he finally puts her arms around me in return I know he said a couple times in this dream, but I got it. I got a say give credit Where credit’s due right yeah new day as a mod like? That’s the appropriate way to handle. That’s like yeah That the writing of that section was great right? Like what? It’s what it’s like to feel depression what they’re going through The responses that you should give don’t let them alone even even stuff like hey We’re going to the festival at the end of this week We’re going to the festival at the end of this week Yeah
You’re that’s one of the things that you’re supposed to do is kind of like how’s that tied around? Yeah time like short-term time bound goals so that way there’s always something to look forward to And kind of gets their mind off of the immediate Yeah So that way it also buys time to get help in this neck know so everything about this From finding the news and getting rid of it to having the conversation to the way, it’s written and stuff. This is great Hey guys. Thank you so much for watching this episode of GT. Live we need to wrap this up quickly cuz skip is still aggressively waiting for his dinner If you want to see a live stream that you’re really gonna love well, then click the box to the left It is it’s BR Chad It’s totally different we interact with a whole bunch of you guys And we break basically all of BR land and don’t forget to subscribe the way is to the right

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