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Dd the light novel King SAO just get
dethroned? And by who? So it’s a guys Foxen here! Last week you
saw the top 10 selling manga of 2018! Today let’s go ahead and do the same but
this time for the light novel series and yes this year SAO has fallen. Anyway
starting from behind starting at number 10 you have no game no life. Hopefully if
you’re watching this you’ve gotten the treat of actually seeing the series plus
the movie. If you think about it it’s already been what four years since
madhouse did the anime. Still this series is going strong so come on mad house
season 2 when? Getting into number nine and hey SAO and yes we’re actually gonna
look at the list from last year a little bit later. I’m actually not too surprised
to see SAO fallen down. Technically they didn’t have the SAO
movie last year although the anime series ended what in 2014? It’s been
quite a while. Now with SAO Alicization I do expect sales to pick up
once again. Next up at number 8 Classroom of the elite. The name may sound familiar
it actually got an anime adaptation last year and to be honest I’m not sure why
there’s this popular. Let me be fair and say that I’ve only seen the anime
version and god that was boring as hell so if you are a fan of this series
definitely let me know if the light novels are better. Anyway getting
into number 7 Sao progressive so what’s this sao is actually twice on this list?
So yes this actually might be the reason that sao is not number one. You pretty
much have the vote being split. In case you haven’t heard of sao progressive i’m
sure whether you were a fan of sao or straight out hate it both of these sides
definitely would agree that they wanted to see the whole on Aincrad story just Kirito and friends going floor by floor up until the very end. That’s pretty much
what sao progressive is. Unsurprisingly it is freakin popular. If only Reki sped
up releasing these. Let me just mention that if you didn’t enjoy the first half
of sao i would highly recommend this series.
Next up at number six the Ryuo’s work is never done.
To be honest this might be the only series here that i’m not familiar with.
The premise is supposed to be about this super talented shogi player. The top one
in the world. he’s even got the title of the dragon
king. It actually got an anime adaptation this year so who knows if this was
really popular or if the anime just really helped the sales. Next up
number five that time I got reincarnated as a slime. If you’re at all an anime fan
I’m sure you’ve at least heard about this series airing right now. It’s gotten
of surprisingly popular. Keep in mind that a lot of these sales are coming
before the anime adaptations actually started. For me as one of the series I
haven’t been able to jump into yet it’d be happening it let me know if it is
worth watching! Next up at number four this one should sound familiar rezero.
For this one really no surprise to see that’s on here. I mean the anime was a
colossal hit back in 2016 just two years ago.
Ever since then rezero has been at the top of the charts. Speaking of which
rezero has also been a colossal hit in terms of sales merch sales that is. You
see REM everywhere so it’s not really a matter of if this is getting a season
two but when. A few months ago they did release the rezero ova special my review
on that is out by the way and getting into the top three the irregular at
magic high school. At this point really no surprise to see this on the list. It’s
been at the top of the charts for the past few years. If you are a fan of this
series is definitely let me know how it’s going. I do wonder what’s going on
with the anime situation for this one. Next up at number two KonaSuba and
just like rezero no surprised to see this on the list. If you haven’t gotten a
chance to get acquainted with Kazuma, darkness, Megumin and the useless aqua
definitely treat yourself! Just like for rezero there’s no question about
whether this is gonna get another season but when unfortunately nothing official
has been announced although konoSuba is getting a movie next year. This year konosuba even
got a cameo in the rezero ova special. That was pretty nice! Then taking the
crown for number one overlord over 800,000 sales. For this one I’m gonna
turn into mr. unpopular I’ve seen this getting so much attention this year
which is not a surprise seeing the season two over that was split over the
year. Let me just be honest and say that I’m not really sure what the appeal of
this series is. I do like the concept a lot actually the anime however, let’s
just say that I feel that it’s lost potential and let me not get started on
the freakin CG usage. Either way let me not crap on this series too much
it is number one if you are a hardcore fan of the series definitely let me know
what the light novels are better. I didn’t hear the anime cut out a lot.
Either way at the beginning of this I did mention that sao got dethroned
although if you do add up the sales of both series pretty much tied. We’ll see
what happens next year. Let me actually quickly mention something about the top
figure it’s only at about 800,000 compare that to the king of manga one
piece being at what 8 million? I do wonder what the reason is for such a
huge difference. Are there less readers? or more people buying a digital
comparative physical when you’re comparing to manga? or there just were
options and hence competition when it comes to novels?
Anyway switching gears let’s compare this to 2017. Last year Sao was king at
number one and then you have Konosuba which was pretty much tied with rezero at
number three. I do like how the top three are pretty much isekai series. It does
look like normal sales pretty much took a hit in sales too just like manga. Not
even cracking 1 million this year. The one that really got fortunate seems to
be overlord. overlord pretty much doubled its sales which really means
that season two that got split over this year definitely helped. For this year
looks like your name, ero manga sensei and the evil Tanya dropped off the list.
So here’s my quick prediction for next year. I definitely expect SAO to be
back on top. The light novel for the final arc just went on sale a few days ago. On
top of that you have about 40 episodes left for SAO Alicization. To be
honest I wouldn’t be surprised if sales doubled. As for other possible surprises
rezero is getting a second special next year focused on Emilia. Keep in mind
there’s nothing confirmed yet but I actually do expect rezero season 2
to come out next year or at least there’s a really good chance of it. For
konoSuba the konoSuba movie will come out next year which really just means
next year you can see SAO back on number one 99% chance and then rezero and konosuba fighting for the number two and three spot but anyway more important let me
hear from you now question of the day were you surprised by any other series
on this list? Did you expect overlord to be on number one? And how about the
positions for konosuba rezero or SAO? and do you have your own predictions for
next year? Anyway go ahead and smash that thumbs up and subscribe! If you’re new to
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