Sacha Antoinette – “Reparations” @WANPOETRY

– You ever wonder why
they despise you so much? Why the color of your
skin triggers they hate? I wonder if they realize
that we are they ancestors. That Adam and Eve had
skin the color of mud. That the Bible that they so-call follow were written through black poets. That Jesus had skin and
hair that they would deem as your modern day poster child for thugs. Maybe it’s the mere fact
that the color of our skin’s worth more than this country, see. We all know who raised
you, and when I say “you,” I mean Ameri-KKK, we
all know who raised you. And that be strong black
women, fed your babies black titties and forced to give your
men some black pussy, yeah. We all know who you built
this country off the backs of: black men, beaten, and
hung, but yet still managed to turn this land into your dream home. We deserve far more than a month of recognition and a face
on the 20 dollar bill. They buried our bones and used our blood for soil just
to grow this country. Pay us! (crowd cheering)

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