Russian Textbooks “I love Russian / Я Люблю Русский язык” by Liden & Denz

The first textbook of the “I Love Russian”
series has been completed in 2014 by a team of teachers of the Liden & Denz centre in
Saint Petersburg The textbooks are closely based on the CEFR
levels and follow the communicative approach to language teaching i.e. we talk about concepts
such as “can do” and the linguistic aspects are ideally balanced within each textbook, from grammar to text comprehension The “I Love Russian” textbooks form a single series allowing people to study Russian
from scratch up until the first certification level (B1) The total number of academic hours varies from book to book from 80 to 200 but thanks to their clear structure they can be used by groups of various intensity and various
dimensions, for individual courses and even by independent learners. The A1 and A2 textbooks present basically the same structure: they are divided into
lessons, which are in turn divided into modules At the end of each lesson, there is a “Let’s
repeat” section that can be used to assign home works or as a test to verify that the
concepts have been assimilated by the students In every module we provide new grammar, new
vocabulary, we elaborate them and we fix the new concepts and activate them through exercises of conversation. Grammar is introduced solely through a communicative method without any table, for instance with pictures, dialogues, monologues or short texts We have put a big effort into adding the highest possible number of exercises aimed at fixing
the newly acquired linguistic knowledge both grammatical and lexical In the A1 and A2 textbooks, at the end of each lesson you can find a short glossary
and a list of the new skills acquired The internal structure of the B1.1 and B1.2
textbooks is slightly different The first part of each module is dedicated to discussions to the introduction of new vocabulary, to the formation of words and to syntaxes The second part is dedicated to exercising the newly introduced grammar elements We are very proud of the audio materials of our textbooks recorded by professional actors The recordings are closely based on the textbook’s level. For instance, the audio materials of the B1.1 and B1.2 textbooks are as similar as possible
to every day Russian language If we want to open an audio track, we pick
up our phone we scan the code and we can open our files we touch here “Lesson 4,
module 1, activity 1: listen and repeat” Sometimes instead of audio material we can
find video material In this case we see a fragment from a TV programme All of our textbooks can be purchased on our official website For the teachers we offer
special conditions, methodological support teacher’s books and webinars Our textbooks are bright, appealing, modern they are suitable for students of basically
any age and allow everyone to find in them new reasons to love Russian even more

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