Roseanne Barr & John Goodman Address Writers’ Room Rumors

99 Replies to “Roseanne Barr & John Goodman Address Writers’ Room Rumors

  1. Guys, just a question. I'm not american and their show never aired on my country. Do you tihnk it's worth watching? I mean, starting on this new season.

  2. She's a Texan?? If so, it's understandable why she supports Trump. Also, her voice sounds thinner than those actors play or even real Texan actors. I couldn't get the most of what was coming out of her mouth without "subs".

  3. as a someone who is a 32C it is HARD AF to find a 32 band size in a store. Even like Arie & VS don't have many in those sizes usually 3 that are ridic in padding.
    Bra shopping is painful for the small framed too.

  4. I love her on a new level, for shouting out Canada—Toronto. She so honest, and real.
    I am definitely watching Roseanne, again!

  5. The younger generation will never understand how amazing it was to 1st watch the Roseanne show when it 1st came out in waiting every week for the Episode and how true and real it was FUK this younger generation

  6. You can stream all of the Roseanne seasons 1-8 on through their Prime Instant Video if anyone wants to catch up! They are my second family from growing up!

  7. That was the best Jimmy Kimmel interview that I've seen in a long time! Authentic! Joyous! Brought me back to my angst teenage years watching those two. I've always adored John Goodman … Rosanne is growing on me. I used to find her brash but now that I've grown up I understand her more. I'm sure she's an awesome mother.

  8. Good for Roseanne… Jimmy Kimmel is a failed comedian, a paid for talking head for the flopping liberal agenda… Likely ties to George Soros in there somewhere… Hollywood, Lamestream media, the NFL, and cable television in general, are all in a total freefall… They are in their final death throes… It is time to change the channel, tune out people… You can start by watching my new daily show, "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON ?!"… Please subscribe people, thanks…

  9. During the original run, I never watched the show. Thanks for reruns!!! I'm all caught up & can't wait for the reboot!!! Adorable to see John & Roseanne on that iconic couch………. 🙂

  10. The media made this interview seem more hostile than it was. I see three people laughing about their political differences, instead of attacking each other.

  11. Notice how this channel doesn't show the part where Roseanne put Jimmy in his place about Trump.Get with the program Jimmy.FREE SPEECH dude! Jeez.

  12. President Pence??? I think Jimmy Kimmel wants Pence to be president! If the left hates President Trump, they would really hate Pence if he was president!

  13. So thrilled. I have always loved Roseanne, and John is one of my biggest high school crushes 🙂

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