Revising A Novel In A Week – A Writing Vlog

I’m supposed to be editing or not yeah
editing revising I got distracted by a YouTube channel and then I like looked
over and I was like alright I’m supposed to be editing revising is like my least favorite part
the writing process which isn’t great because it’s a large part of the writing
process revising takes a long time I can write a book in a month and I’ll
revise it for like six months so that’s how revising goes for me but this is
my first draft usually my first draft revisions go through pretty quickly
because I think it’s perfect because no one has seen it yet so I’m gonna do this
one in 1 week 7 days that is the goal and stay tuned I realized that like I’m
only on chapter 2 and it’s 6:30 at night and I was supposed to be doing five
chapters today and I’m like just through chapter two because I’m trying to like
watch a youtube video and edit at the same time and I just like I can’t do it
I don’t have the capacity for it so I’m just gonna hunker down and do my edits
and then I can watch my youtube stuff after
I’m at chapter 4 of 5 for the night I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night so
then I was really really tired and just like reading through like these
beginning five chapters are actually the most polished I have because that was
what I had betas read and like went over a bunch of times to send to my
agent initially for her to read and like decide if this story was like a good
story to be pursuing so they’re actually like my most polished chapters so I
don’t even have a lot of revising to do for them so then I was just kind of
reading through and I just like I was already tired I wasn’t very active in
the editing because I didn’t have a lot do that was just like so I had like a 20
minutes micro nap so now I’m hopping in and do the very last chapter
and then I’m done for the night so it is the second day of revisions I
did have plans with a friend and then they cancelled and then we redid the
plans and then they cancelled again so I thought I was gonna end up taking today
off but that was whatever so I’m gonna actually be working this day I’m gonna
be taking Friday off instead now so revisions this is the first like of me
diving into sections I haven’t previously already revised to death
basically so I guess it’s gonna take a lot longer things that I usually miss
and drafting is like things I had to look up so like I missed that so I’ll have to
look up and then I usually do a lot of telling so I’ll say stuff like she was
angry or something like that instead of using like a visual cue like her fists
were shaking or something like that so I usually use the emotion thesaurus which
is super super good it’s really cheap on Kindle too and so when I’m going through
my book and my revisions tonight probably I’ll be looking at the emotion
thesaurus a bunch I also got a like a positive and negative traits thesaurus
as well to kind of help me bring out their different traits a little bit more
so I’m probably going to look at that before I start just to kind of give me
an idea of my mind in my mind of like the traits I want to bring out when I’m
going into writing and then of course fixing all my settings because something
I constantly constantly neglect when I’m writing and doing like a rough draft is
that I won’t include a setting so I’ll just like start and they’ll start moving
around and it’ll be like where are they in space I don’t know where they are
they’re lost so that’s gonna be something that I’m gonna be working on
while I do this revision I did it so day 2 ah yeah it was it’s ten
o’clock now so when I got home at like 6:00 it’s been like for roughly four
hours I’m revising so I have like an hour to myself
for the night which is fine like with my revisions I understand that I do more
in a night so I finish faster so I have like a week in which I have no evenings
essentially and then I have a bunch of time you will have three weeks while my
cps and betas are reading to do whatever I want so that’s that um ah challenge is
I’m trying to think of like challenges and triumphs to make this a little bit
more interesting so today something I had to do one of my characters she like
ends up at a palace essentially and she has these attendants who like do her
hair and that sort of thing and I made for them and I just like for the life of
me didn’t inject a ton of personality into each one so today one of my
challenges I had to basically do a document like a side document in
Scrivener where I just listed the four of them and I listed what they looked
like I listed like one standout attribute that they have that I can use
to help the reader identify them and remember them plus all their names and
then when I was introducing them this time I made sure I was hitting on the
physical description and their attribute that marks them as a character so that
was kind of easier for the reader to tell them apart so that was kind of
challenging along with the chapters being like so long now like each chapter is
basically like 3000 words now I think in the first five chapters there
were a lot closer to 2000 or 1500 and now they’re just like all very
long so that was another challenge triumph for day two
um was a triumph for day two I’m not having to edit so so much
like I’m really editing very small details like I haven’t had to cut
anything big I honestly did that when I was drafting like I thought of a kind of
plot whole thing and I ended up getting rid of an entire
chapter I wrote I’m like writing an entire new chapter and that was kind of
the biggest thing I’d done and I did that drafting I didn’t even do that
revising um it’s really been small things during revising which is nice for
me because then I’m not having to do huge overhauls so I’m sure I will
once betas and CP’s get their claws into it those helpful claws
very helpful but also very cry cause I I gotta fix stuff but that’s writing so
okay it’s now become like a cooking with Liselle video essentially um I’m making my
dinner so I figured I’ll just like pre chat about stuff well I’m doing that cause
I’m already here so I may as well um yeah so today was like a weird day my
brain like to do this thing where it decides all of a sudden okay where my
brain all of a sudden decides that it’s going to obsess about something so today
my brain decided to obsess about something negative um so like I had like
a a negative online interaction like last week because it last week probably
last week it was just like some shitty troll person trying to crap on me
because they feel badly about themselves in their life and I know with trolls
you’re supposed to like not feel troll feed trolls and like not get caught up
in what people online are saying about you but honestly it was like really
upsetting to me just because it was so uncalled for but also it just like yeah
it was really annoying and the day when that had happened I was already having
kind of like a negative mood type day like I was already kind of feeling a bit
down on myself and so it didn’t really help and I was
very annoyed about it then I like vented to all my friends and
then I felt better about it and I was like whatever at then today and my brain
was like you know what we should think about again that mean thing that someone
said that made us feel bad about ourselves so it decided that yeah I was
gonna think about that suddenly I need to wash these
it decided that I was gonna think about that suddenly and it really kind of
ruined my mood for the afternoon and made me feel really crappy and I think
that’s kind of like that’s the hard bit about when you put yourself out there on
social media in like writing communities and that sort of thing you also open
yourself up for people to be shitty to you and that was really just kind of
annoying and it was annoying to think about that anyway that made my afternoon
really shitty and then I got outside into the Sun and like the vitamin D just
refreshed me like I felt so much better after I was in the Sun and then I just
felt great and my mood was just like through the roof um and yeah and then I
got home and I was like like I was feeling pretty good and I’m still
feeling pretty good now I’m just like cooking this dinner I’m making curry
chicken for myself um I’m doing whole 30 right now which is like basically so
that I can quit my addiction to sugar cause I was basically eating dessert every
single day if you follow me on Instagram you know how much dessert I was
having and that was like it seemed like maybe I was strategically
posting that stuff but like when desserts were showing up what looked
like everyday it was because I was consuming dessert every day uh and I don’t need to
be that addicted to sugar so I’m doing whole 30 which is like no sugar no
car not carbs because there’s carbs in fruit no sugar and no bread no pasta no
legumes, that sort of thing just to kind of give my body that reset and just
stop my dependence on sugar and stop my dependence on like breads and that sort
of thing and just like eat more vegetables and like meats
and that sort of thing so I finished my revisions from the night I’ve got my
nighttime smoothie that I always drink or try to drink I don’t know I drink it
unless it’s like really really late like if it’s 11 o’clock I’m not gonna
make a smoothie but whatever I finished my revisions for the day it
was alright it took about the same time it always takes about like four four to
five hours around for me to get the five chapters done I do actually have some
like evening left because my family wasn’t home
I actually concentrated not that they distract me themselves they’re actually
like incredibly respectful of my writing space
I use them to distract myself so anyway yeah I got a lot done and I’m really
rediscovering like really what I’m writing I’m writing a Caribbean high
fantasy but it’s also like a comedy like it’s supposed to be funny and then when
I was drafting it at some point I was like is this still funny like is this
still comedic like it’s supposed to be and reading through it I’m really
feeling that like it is still funny like it’s supposed to be funny it’s just like
a really fun book I don’t know if that’ll make it sellable but it’s super
fun and I just that’s what I really like about it I just love how like it’s just
like fine it’s just like a fun romp you know I don’t think it’s an award it’s
not an award winner but it was real fun and I think that’s important sometimes
too so that’s what I got done tonight and I’m halfway through I’m right before
the midpoint so next day it’s gonna gonna be faster it’s day four I thought it
was day 5 for a second and got confused it’s day four of revisions I just passed
halfway yesterday so today I just gonna burn through and get those get those
five chapters done tomorrow Friday I have to I just got some like braiding
hair in I have to spend like eight to twelve hours braiding
my hair so I’m gonna take the day off tomorrow from writing so today I’m gonna
get in my five chapters, day off on Friday and then Saturday and Sunday
finish up so that I’m done by the time it’s monday done in a week is the plan
we’ll see I do kind–, my brain is like I have to do it because I already planned
the video the title for this video to be revising a book in a week and if I don’t
do in a week I can’t use that title and it’s really hard to come up with video
titles so I just have to do it anyway day four let’s go so I’m done for the
night I ended up combining two chapters into one one chapter was only like 800
words and like most of my chapters are like 2000 and 3000 words so it seemed weird to like have a 800 word chapter and that’s
just like way too short for a chapter for me so I combined it with another
chapter I’m still stopping tonight because it would have been five chapters
I’m not gonna go and like read another chapter so that’s five but I finished
earlier which is good because I actually have a bunch of stuff to do today I
gotta like wash my hair and that actually takes a very long time and then
tomorrow half the day off um yeah so that’s it for day four early because I
had to do my hair I’m heading off to go to the rose picnic with my friends I’m
doing whole 30 right now which I talked about earlier so I’m actually not
drinking but there’s lots of like photo ops and like hanging out with my friends
is still cool so I’m just gonna do that because I woke up early to do my hair
anyway I was able to get four or three chapters read I still got to do one more
for today and then tomorrow will be my last day of revising and then I’ll do
five chapters but we’ll see how I feel when I get back I might be able to do
like more revising than I expected I would be able to do but we’ll see and
now yes so I’m back from the Rose picnic and
black artisan market they also had a black artisan market there like for all
black businesses selling like craft stuff and beauty supplies and food and
all of that so that was really cool and it was in the same place so I just
checked it out after the picnic I came home I finished the last chapter that I
had to read for the day read and revise for the day not just read so I got that
finished and that’s really yeah that’s it for Saturday so today is the final
day of revisions I’m very on track so I don’t see how I could not end up
finishing today so yeah I’m gonna go ahead and get started get that done
finish off this last bit story for revising and then I’ll be able to send
it off to CPS and betas I’m done I just finished revisions on my
Caribbean high fantasy I’m feeling really good about it it’s a good
length it’s like 72,000 words I’m sure they’re areas of improvement that betas
or CPs will point out and I’m sure it could be like even like more
polished but I think this is a really solid first draft for me to get some
great feedback on and thanks so much guys for watching this vlog with me if
you liked it please give it a thumbs up if you’re not subscribed already please
subscribe to my channel I post videos once a week every Tuesday and yeah I
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videos out and thank you so much for watching bye

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  1. Ugh yeah thought spirals SUCK. The internet is hard, especially for creators. Glad you're feeling better and I can't believe how fast you revise!

  2. Love the Emotion Thesaurus! "Those helpful claws," lol.
    Sorry you had to deal with a troll person 🙁 For the record, you're great! Way to get through it.

  3. When you said you had to revise your novel in a week because that’s the title and titles are hard to come up with—I feel you! Haha. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks so.

    I loved watching this vlog and am in awe of how much you revised in a week. Also, the rosé festival looked so fun!

  4. Loved this revision vlog!! I always forget setting in my first drafts too! Glad you got it all done for the sake of a good title lol! Love the premise of your book and I hope it sells so I can read it ☺️

  5. I just got the emotion thesaurus as well as the positive & negative trait ones on Amazon and I really like them so far.

  6. I lovvvve editing way more than drafting! I think it's because I like having something to work with. I also struggle with the "she was angry" telling instead of showing. I always catch it a lot in my second draft. I dealt with a similar troll recently and obsessed for days over it even when I tried forcing myself not to >_< Glad you snapped out of that!

  7. Hi I’m a new subscriber, and I’m really liking this vlog. I have been revising my work for forever, so it’s nice not to feel alone in the editing trenches.

    Looking forward to watching more 😀

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