Research & Writing Tips : How to Organize Research Notes

Hi this is Laura Turner and I’m going to tell
you today about how to organize your research notes. A research paper can be extremely difficult
to organize and one of the things even more difficult is getting all the books back to
your room and figuring out what quotes came from where. To save yourself some time, when
doing your big research paper, as you go through the paper, as I’ve done in this example, write
down in bold all the information that you are going to need for your citation’s page.
So you don not have to take the book with you from the library to your home. So go ahead
and write that down in bold or type that down rather, and then after the title of the book,
take all the quotes that you want from that book verbatim, with page numbers, so that
you don’t have to even go back and find the page number. I don’t know how many times I
left a book in the library and couldn’t remember what page that quote was on that I liked about
a certain play or novel that I was writing about. So just to save yourself some time
get organized and make your own research note page as you go along through your research
so you won’t have to go back to the library again and again to get your notes. And once
you’ve gotten these notes down, the advantage of having it in your computer already is that
you can therefore, copy and paste your notes into your paper so that you actually have
a little template to go back and forth from so you won’t have to be taking time out of
your writing to recopy a quotation from a page in a book that you are not sure if it’s
the right book or what the information of it is. So just to get yourself organized I
would suggest creating an actual document that holds all of your notes for you.

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  2. pretty cool. im starting to use an app called Evernote. You can use that tactic with this app on your desktop and sync them to your mobile devices as well. 

  3. I can see how annotating all citation information during your research can be helpful. I try to follow this as much as I can.

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