Research & Writing Tips : How to Cite Sources in a Research Paper

Hi this is Laura Turner and today I’m going
to tell you about how to cite sources in a research paper. Depending on how long your
paper is and depending on what your professor’s wants, this will very much differ between
classes. But if you are doing footnotes or you are doing in line citations this is good
stuff for you to know. So first we are going to start off with your more in depth paper
which will require footnotes. Footnotes are usually used if you have a paper that has
lots and lots of research in it. So therefore you sort of have to make special, a special
place for your notes. And more in depth notes on these citations. So footnotes are actually
going to have little numbers out to the side that will connect with the endnote or the
footnote at the bottom of the page or the end of the page. At the end of the page corresponding
with the number, will be the actual book that you have taken or article that you have taken
the quotation from, preceded by the name of the author, just written out see like this,
Emily C. Bartels, so not if you were doing a citation’s page where you would say Bartels,
Emily C. in a footnote you will actually write it all out just as it is. Followed by the
name of the book or the article, and then of course the publishing information and the
date of publication in parenthesis followed by what page you took the quotation from.
Footnotes and of course endnotes, endnotes are actually something different. Endnotes
come at the end of the entire essay, so you’ll have lots of footnotes but you won’t have
any footnotes at the bottom of the page which have lots of numbers and you’ll connect the
numbers to the end of the essay where all the numbers will be listed out with the citations
so endnotes are something even bigger. In line citation is the most common way of formatting
a research paper or any scholarly paper and all you do for that is you actually go, when
you take down your quotations you will put at the end of your sentence, the name of the
author of the book from which you took the citation and the page number. And the reason
why you don’t write down the entire book and everything about the publishing information
and stuff like that is because you’ll have a work cited page at the end of your paper.
So therefore, there’s no, there’s no footnote to connect that information on the paper but
there will be something at the end. So hopefully this will get you started but definitely find
out exactly what your professor wants and what the requirements of your paper are.

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  1. how about make a video explain when you don't have to cite sources in a research paper. my fucking teacher thinks that everything I say in my paper is a claim but it is NOT A FUCKING CLAIM. all I am doing is talking about the logic within in. but if you cant do that, my question isWHAT CAN YOU SAY THAT DOESNT NEED TO BE CITED???? THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY

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