Research Methods – Introduction

Hello and welcome back to this global health you tube channel. My name is Greg Martin. We’re going to do a few videos that look at study design and research methods. Now we are going to look at epidemiological research, we’re going to look at the social sciences like anthropology and essentially we’re going to try to unpack how it is that these different kinds of research fit together to provide us with the science and understanding the industry to make clinical and public health decisions. Now typically, people tend to think of research methods in terms of qualitative research and quantitative research. These two distinct disciplines or two distinct types of research methods and the qualitative research is the domain of the social scientists and anthropologists and the quantitative research is the domain of the epidemiologists and economist and what I’d like to talk to you a little bit about is the fact that these two groups of people actually use both sets of research methods. So let’s just jump right in and try to understand these different research techniques and research methods. Qualitative research tends to answer questions like who, what, why, when, and how. It tries to unpack and understand the nature of a phenomenon or the qualities associated with a particular phenomenon. By contrast quantitative research answer the question of how much. It considers the idea of magnitude. So when we talk about magnitude that ‘how much’ the quantitative research we’re talking about how much of firstly an occurrence, so the incidence or prevalence of the disease in the community , and we’re talking about the magnitude or how much of a relationship. So the Association for example between a risk factor and an outcome. I’m just going to quickly give you an overview of some of the research methods used in these two groups of methods: qualitative research, and quantitative research. In qualitative research we may do a simple observation of what’s happening in a community or you might be looking down a microscope for example, that is qualitative research. We may do in-depth interviews or key informant interviews. We may do focus groups and and speak to a group of people. We may do surveys. All of this is to try and unpack and understand the underlying nature or qualities within a phenomenon. The other group the quantitative research now we’ve got interventional quantitative research and we’ve got non-interventional. By non-interventional we mean it’s observational where we’re watching to see what happens in the world and we’re counting something up. So in that sense we might be doing case-control studies and we’ll talk more about that in a future video. We may be doing cohort studies and I’m specifically going to talk in a future video about the difference between those two and their relative strengths and weaknesses. We may do an ecological study and we may of course also be doing a survey and just clicking (unintelligable) then of course there’s the interventional trials and the one we talk about most are randomized control trials or double-blind randomized control trials and we’re going to do an entire video that looks specifically at them. Okay, thanks for listening I hope that was helpful this was just a synopsis, an overview of the various research methods that we use. In future videos we’re going to dig down a little deeper and look at some of the details of these different study designs and research methods that gets used. If you’re thinking of subscribing to this channel let me give you one or two reasons why I think that’s a great idea. Firstly if you subscribe to the channel you get an email alert whenever there is a new video posted and so you’ll be up to date on things that we say and do here on the channel, but secondly I seen that video content that goes exclusively to people who subscribe to the channel. I think of the people who subscribe to the channel as a kind of a subset of the broader audiences that are made more likely to be people that are interested in job opportunities in the global health space and where it is that they might find opportunities to do consulting work in global health and so I’m putting together a little less formal a little less flashy but videos that are just kind of talk people through what’s out there and what’s happening in the global health work space. So subscribe to the channel. Thanks for watching, I’ll be back!

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  1. Thanks indeed, Greg! It's really helpful what you present in this brief introduction about Research Methods
    I have gotten more interested in watching more videos of you relating to the subject matter!

  2. Hi Martin, the methods of writing a introduction to an research is confusing for me. I have been through, a lot of "Youtube" videos with regards to this and yet I have found them all very different in method and steps can you suggest something helpful?


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    UNSW – School of Arts and Soc. Science.

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  5. Thank you for your informative videos. I'm trying to understand the research methods analyzing an article that is based on a collection of surveys and interviews, participants aged between 12-24yrs, observing how heavily they had been consuming alcohol in the last 30 days, from what I watched on your video, it's case study that's retrospective so it sounds right to me. Thank you Dr Martin.

  6. A true teacher is someone who reduces ignorance and reveals knowledge and makes the student (listener, viewer, what have you) reach a higher plane of understanding and doing. Greg, thank you for being an outstanding teacher and an inspiration!

  7. I am a Global Health graduate student, and I am so glad I found you. I've watched a couple before, but now I'm definitely subscribing!

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  10. Can you tell me which study design is the most flawed and least trustworthy? I don't know much regarding this matter but common sense tells me that any study that has thousands of participants is utterly flawed. For example, a study that states that eggs cause diabetes and cancer has 10000 participants. Where is logic in all this? Where are the factors like age, genetics, weight, living and working environment, habits like alcohol, smoking, other dietary habits etc? Please, explain. Thank you.

  11. This video helps students have a clear overview about research methodology with ease. Thank you. ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Very useful and helpful in guiding me in choosing appropriate kinds of methodology to use for my research project. Thank you

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  14. Very helpful and very simple way to understand research , but how qualitative research is important to our society using various methods … ??

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