Recommendations: Graphic Novels

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  1. I think I've been waiting for Thai video my whole life <3 <3 😀 OMG definitely gonna be picking some of these up!! Great Video Adriana !

  2. I'm waiting for Nimona to come out in a physical copy and i'M SO EXCITED!! Also, Bryan Lee O'Malley is the man bows down.

  3. Thank you so much for making this video Adriana! This was a much needed video for me because I have been wanting to read more graphic novels this year, but I just don't know where to start. However, I have spotted some graphic novels that I wanted to start with. 

  4. I also recommend Locke and Key and anythng by Brian Lee O'Malley. I want to read Through The Woods. So many people have said so many good things about it. Have you read Y: The Last Man? 

  5. I already wanted Through the Woods, but that comparison to Scary Stories just made it shoot way the hell up on my TBR. Also, I have no friggin idea why I haven't picked up Locke and Key yet, but this has to change. Same with Frankenstein. I seriously just went to put all of these on my "Because Adriana" Goodreads shelf, only to find that they were already there.
    I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NIMONA BIND-UP TO COME OUT!!! Hurry the eff up May 19th, you bitch.

  6. Wow. I'll have to check out these graphic novels. Thanks for the recommendations. BTW, have you read The Property of Hate? It's an ongoing webcomic, and I think you'd like it. (^_^)

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