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Hey, Booktube! Chelsea, TheReadingOutlaw, here to do a recent
review/like wrap up update kind of thing of the picture books and kids books that I’ve
been reading a lot lately. As most of you probably know, I am a mom. So first things first, if you hear some chatter
in the background that’smy little helper. She is not yet to her nap time so she’s awake
and just kind of chilling. Secondly, window, tree sunshine glare – blinds
are closed, what can I do? Alright friends, I’m going to go over kind
of two sections. The first are the board books that Ellie and
I are reading together. And I say ‘reading’ – these are mostly books
that she chews on and that I will occasionally pick up and read to her, or that she reaches
for during her tummy time. She’s just shy of four months old so reading
is, you know, a loose term. But these are some favorites that we’ve had,
a lot of them that we’ve had since Will was a baby. The first one is actually not one that we’ve
had for very long, it’s a library book. It’s A is for Angry: An Animal and Adjective
Alphabet by Sandra Boynton. If you are a parent, caregiver, aunt uncle
– if you have a baby in your life, you probably recognize Sandra Boynton’s name and art style. She is kind of a reigning queen of the board
of book and picture book world. I really love this one because I personally
believe that it’s never too early to start teaching emotional fluency and literacy. So this one is what it sounds like – it is
a letter book, or “O is for outraged. P is for playful.” And you also get like opossum, and pig, and
other words that start with the letters on that page. “T is for tangled, a turkey trap, and a Turkey”. So yeah, it’s just a really, really nice,
cleanly illustrated primer on both the alphabet and like, like I said, emotional fluency and
literacy. This is not one that we chew on. This is one that I read her during tummy time
because it’s a library book and I get squicked out about both receiving and giving germs
back to the library when it comes to boardbooks. So next up, the rest of these are all leftovers
from when her brother was little. So we chew on these quite freely. And these are some of our absolute long term
favorites. The first one is a series called The Epic
Yarn series. This is the Star Wars collection. So we have Epic Yarn Star Wars: A New Hope,
Return of the Jedi and The Empire Strikes Back. And what is great about these is that these
are let’s see, I’ll start with A New Hope. These, inside, are one word story primers
with felted – it’s kind of hard to see on the screen – needle faulted scenes from Star
Wars. So this one says “boy” and is about Luke. And then we see “learn” where he’s training
with old Ben. “Captain”, we meet Han Solo -this is one of
my favorite ones. They’re really, really, really cute. I love the attention to detail and the amount
of skill that the actual needle felting, like, the yarn craft production side of these books
must have taken. Plus like we’re big nerd parents. Mark loves reading these with Ellie or loves
having Elliot chew on them. Star Wars by osmosis, I guess?! We absolutely love these books. And then the last one is from the Little Masters
series. This is a series of board books that is becoming
like increasingly popular that takes classic tales of literature and repackages them into
different kinds of boardbooks. Romeo and Juliet is a counting book. Moby Dick is a colors book. Sherlock Holmes is like a Halloween scary,
like, sounds book. This is the Jabberwocky, it’s a nonsense primer. It is the Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll, but
it is obviously very much abridged, with some really beautiful construction paper color
block illustrations. So “twas brillig and the slithy toves, did
gyre and gimble in the wabe, all mimsy were the borogrgoves, and the mome wraiths outgrabe”. This book is why I have a decent portion of
the beginning of the Jabberwocky mem,orized. Not all of it, the Jabberwocky is very long,
but the opening and the closing to the Jabberwocky poem. So I really love this one. We have a couple of these with the Jabberwocky
one has always been my favorite, and as such it became Will’s favorite too. So obviously very sturdy, like heavy duty
quality because this book has lasted now through both of my kids. And then moving on to talk about some of the
things that Will is reading, he is four going on five. So together at night we are reading a lot
of picture books, we read a lot of longer picture books. This is The Little Guys by Vera Brogel. Very Brogel wrote Anya’s Ghost and also Leave
me Alone, which was an award winner. This is an adorable story about the little
guys – the little guys are these acorn hat wearing little creatures who live in the forest,
who when they work together can do anything. And that is a message that gets spun on its
head a little bit when the little guys start to team together to kind of, like, become
bullies. And the text shows them continuing to say
things like “we’re the little guys if we work together we’re the strongest thing in the
forest” and like “we’re the little guys we can take on anybody” but they’re getting increasingly,
like, more violent. And there’s nothing violent, but like you
know – like they’re getting more antagonistic to the other forest creatures. And at the end it ends up kind of hurting
little guys and they have to realize that, like, while they can do everything if they
work together that doesn’t make everything that they do a good thing and it’s just a
really interesting message with really adorable illustrations. See? I’m trying to get it out of the glare as much
as possible. But yeah, I just really, really enjoy the
kind of twist on or the addendum to the message that, like, teamwork is super great. I really enjoyed it This next one is kind of just more fun – this
is Mission Defrostable: Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast. Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast is a series
of books by Josh Funk. This one, Mission Defrostable, is about what
happens when the fridge starts to frost over and Sir French Toast and Lady Pancake have
to go on kind of a quest to find out what is causing the fridge to become, or the freezer
to become, like, frosted over. It’s very cute. I love the illustration styles. As you can see there’s lots of colors, lots
of big bright lines. It’s not very long, it rhymes. But the the concept is taken to such interesting
ends and we meet so many different, like, kinds of foods and frozen foods. It’s a very adult friendly picture book as
well and it’s just so bright and so colorful, Will really loves this one. And then lastly sometimes when we’re not reading
picture books together we are starting to dip into more of the early readers, so we
are reading The Princess in Black by Shannon and Dean Hale if you have not heard of The
Princess in Black, the Princess in Black is about Princess Magnolia, who is the perfect
princess by day but will swish into the princess in black, who is a ninja crime fighting justice
seeking NOT princess, whenever help is needed. So this is the first book in what is now series. It’s really adorable. It obviously is filled with the message of
not conforming to necessarily society’s standards, or the breadth of existences that can be embodied
in like a single person. But it’s also the story of a really a kick
butt crime fighting ninja girl, so we love The Princess in Black. And then on the audio, at dinnertime we usually
listen to audiobooks, like, at the dinner table. We listened to things that are a little bit
more advanced that way, it just seems to be kind of way it’s working out. So the first thing we read recently was the
BFG by Roald Dahl. Will loved this one. If you are familiar with The BFG, it is about
Sophie and the Big Friendly Giant. Sofie is up one night in the middle of the
night and she looks out the window and sees the BFG. Because she sees him, he has to take her because
he can’t risk her telling everybody that there are giants in the world. And then she is introduced to BG and all of
the other giants that exist in giant land and the horrible, kind of awful mean giants
that they are. Because he, of course, is the Big Friendly
Giant. This leads to them kind of wrecking havoc
and starting to play pranks and going to the Queen to ask for pardon for the giants, and
there’s a lot of twists and turns and adventures. This book makes up and plays with language
in really interesting ways, because everything that the BFG says is English-adjacent, but
he also makes up a lot of words. It’s similar to some of the things that are
in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory if you’ve ever read that one, but way way way like dialed
up to 11. And because of that it was a really, really
like fun reading experience. And then this one we’ve just recently started
because it’s mom’s pick, but I think he’s really gonna like it and that is The Girl
Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Cat Valente. This is my favorite series like of writing
that Cat Valente has ever done, some of her adult stuff just doesn’t sit nearly as well
with me – I really kind of bounced off of Space Opera, but I love September. This is the first installment in the series
that is about September, who’s a girl who gets whisked away to Fairyland and has to
find her way home in a ship of her own making. While she’s there she meets a blue boy named
Saturday, and Wyverary which is a combination between a Wyvern and a library. She has to help save Fairyland and dethrone
the evil Marquess and along the way she learns some really important lessons. There are four books in this series, three
of which are about September one which is about a changeling boy – if you’ve never read
these and you love Harry Potter, Morrigan Crow, The Phantom Tollbooth, those kind of
portal fantasies – Narnia, going back to those kinds of traditions. Please go pick up The Girl Who Circumnavigated
Fairyland in a Ship of her Own Making. Also, I really love the title. I love the titles of the books in the series
– I’m a fan of long titles. Alright friends! That is the kind of rundown of some things
that we’ve really been reading and enjoying lately as a family. Let me know down below if you have favorite
board books, picture books, middle grade/early reader kids books – we’re not kind of to chapter
books yet. He started asking about Harry Potter, but
I think we’re going to hold off a little bit longer, mostly because once you start those
books, it’s very hard to stop. But if you’ve got recommendations, please
leave them down below. Also, if you have not stopped by my channel
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take care of each other and have happy reading. Bye!

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