Rap & Hip-Hop Culture : How to Write Slam Poetry

How to write slam poetry? Now slam poetry,
you know, going the same lines of freestyle ballet. So one of the things you want to do
is make sure that you highlight, you know, all your opponents flaws, defects, nice things.
You know, it’s a capture. You got to make sure that the punch lines are there not, that
they crest. Another thing that you want to do is try to highlight things that grabs the
audience, the audience or the judges, whoever you maybe doing this for; grabs their attention,
that jumps out of them; that they know like oh, you know, the one of them things for you
don’t know, one of them lines that just make people like, “ohh”, you know. So, you want
to go battle-battle, you know, to do to, first off, know your opponent. You know, it helps
to know your opponent; if by choice you can, so that then you know things that you can
highlight on; things that you can capture on; things that you can use to your advantage
as far as writing a slam poetry. So do some research, if you have to. Another thing that
you want to do is make sure that you, if put out anything, but I kind of say, “show your
skirt”, before your opponent does. Anything that they might use against you, you try to
use that rap for for you before they get the chance to use it and you’ll never have to
worry about getting beat. So just write hard and go hard. Now when talking about slam poetry,
notice the keyword, poetry. So make sure it’s there. Make sure that you rhyme in this type,
make sure the emotion is in there. Make sure that it comes from deep within ’cause without
it, it’s just words, you know. Then, I got a little slam poetry for the haters. “Haters
can say what they want to say, but they’ll never penetrate because I’m better than more
any day. Then my skin is thick so the words that say, mouth’s right off me. So I’m telling
these haters like Jay-Z say, brush that dirt right off of me”. Peace.

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  2. expert village doesn't record the videos, they pay people to submit videos of each subject… which would explain why they have thousands of videos.

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