Rang Vikhri Ta Vya — Muzamil SYRE

Though the colours spattered off the day’s dress Sunlight in the heavens had turned stardust The night lay helpless like the surroundings
Hopes, desires had turned some damnation Heart just withered as you had not turned up It had turned a stone, was not a hill though! Many a dream had turned into dry leaves
Which kept falling off the bough of the night All hopes screamed as you had not turned up, love! Like a lyre would ring on tracks of time The soul cried like a hell an’ kept melting
An’ kept calling you, cried oceans of tears Then each moment of wait turned streams of tears
Mighty Indus River in eyes turned dry But, O, the oblivious, O my love! You did not turn up, never turned up, love! At last that night went, many a day came,
Alas, seasons changed, years bid me goodbye But still today I believe that same night
Keeps floating through the time with wings unfurled You won’t turn up; it seems you won’t turn up But it seems that the same time-tortured night
Would keep treading, keep ringing, keep burning! It seems that the killing night would go on! Though the colours spattered off the day’s dress

13 Replies to “Rang Vikhri Ta Vya — Muzamil SYRE

  1. very nice, although i don't know sindhi, am able to make sense of it all as there are lots of words from urdu. well done Mr. Syre, lyrics as well as the depth within 👍

  2. Wow… inspiring blend of soothing voice… introspective lyrics and supportive graphics…. Syre you are great as always !

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