Rachel Zucker reads “Don’t Say Anything Beautiful Kiss Me”

My name is Rachel Zucker and I’m gonna
read “Don’t Say Anything Beautiful Kiss Me” from my book Museum of Accidents. I
chose this poem because even though I wrote it more than 20 years ago, there
are some things about this poem that seem more true than when I wrote it all
that time ago and I love the way poems function a little bit like snapshots.
They can bring you back to the past but then when you look at them there are
also these things that you notice that you may not have remembered were there
in the first place.

20 Replies to “Rachel Zucker reads “Don’t Say Anything Beautiful Kiss Me”

  1. I'm crying and laughing, this poem is that good. I'm going to take this poem as a new year's resolution and live by its certainty of love and body-groundness.
    Thank you all who make Ours Poetica, and a Happy New Year!

  2. I love your voice! Maybe I just love to hear poerty…but I could listen to her all day. Thanks, love this channel. ❤

  3. To me, this poem puts in to words perfectly, what I so often have felt: Romantic nonsense is certainly meant to be sweet, but I kinda hate it. And I can certainly never really say it the right way.
    I am an imperfect human being and the sweet, romantic person should stop seeing me as one.
    And they are imperfectly human as well. I want them and love them but I can never say "you're perfect", because neither of us is.

  4. People – like truth – resist simplicity, as John would say. And what are lover metaphors, if not a way to simplify people into parts and things and beauty? The beauty in people is the beauty of reality – all the rest is crude oversimplification.

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