[R18] Novel Reading of Chap 111 Part 2 [MDZS] [Eng Sub]

Pls read the description! Thanks a lot and enjoy! Lan WangJi’s voice was hoarse, “Sorry…” “I can’t hold back anymore.” Seeing his blood-shot eyes, struggling to hold himself back, Wei WuXian knew that it was all because of his teasing. Gritting his teeth, “Don’t hold back if you can’t…” “Then right now…” “What should I do?” It was only out of desperation that Wei WuXian would ask him of all people. Lan Wangji replied, “Then…” “Relax…” Wei WuXian, “Okay…” “Relax…” “Relax…” Wei WuXian relaxed a bit and Lan WangJi tried pushing inside some more. Wei WuXian couldn’t help but immediately tense the muscles around his hips and abdomen. Lan WangJi “Does it hurt?” Arms clinging to him, Wei WuXian couldn’t help from shivering, holding back tears, “It hurts…” “This is my…” “First time…” “Of course it hurts…” As he said this, he felt Lan WangJi grow harder within his body. Soft and fragile insides, being forcefully invaded by a hard, foreign object. What that’s like, one could easily imagine. But the moment he thought of how Lan WangJi reacted to just those simple words of his, Wei WuXian burst out with a laugh again. As a man, he knew how uncomfortable Lan WangJi felt right now, inside yet still constraining himself from forcing his way in. Wei WuXian felt his heart go soft. Taking the initiative to hook his arms around his neck, pulling him down. Whispering by his ear, “Lan Zhan…” “My good Lan Zhan…” “Er-gege…” “I’ll tell you what to do.” “Kiss me right now.” “If you kiss me…” “I won’t hurt anymore…” A bright red flushed Lan WangJi’s fair earlobes. With difficulty, he spoke “Don’t…” “Don’t call me like that…” Hearing that he even stammered a bit, Wei WuXian broke into laughter, “You don’t like it?” “Then I’ll call you something else.” “WangJi-didi.” “Zhan-er.” “HanGuang.” “Which one do you like? Hmm?” Biting his lips, Lan WangJi sent it all the way inside. All of Wei WuXian’s cries were sealed within his throat while clutching tightly onto Lan WangJi’s shoulders, brows knitted, tears seeping from the corner of his eyes. His legs wrapped stiffly around Lan WangJi’s waist, afraid to move even a bit. Mind finally clearing up a bit, Lan WangJi breathed in a few times, “Sorry.” Wei WuXian shook his head, forcing a smile, “You said it before.” “Between you and me,” “we never need to say this.” Carefully, Lan WangJi went to kiss him, his movements somewhat clumsy. Wei WuXian closed his eyes, opening his mouth to let him in deep. After a while of tongues twirling around, out of the blur he saw below Lan WangJi’s collarbone, that brand mark. He put his hand there, covering up the scar. “Lan Zhan, tell me.” “This.” “Does this have to do with me as well?” After a moment of silence, Lan WangJi responded, “Nothing.” “That time…” “I drank too much.” (skip to 6:45 for the continuation of the r18 stuff ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) After he brought Wei WuXian back to Burial Hill after the massacre at Nightless City, what awaited him was three years of confinement. After finishing his confinement, the first thing he heard upon getting out was heaven blesses the good, evil always gets it’s dues. (basically what goes round comes round) The Yiling Patriach has finally died, both body and soul. He searched for many days atop the entire mountain. Apart from Wen Yuan, whom he fished out still from a half-burned tree hole, still unconscious due to a high fever, he could find nothing. Not even a piece of bone, a scrap of flesh, a single strand of a weak, dissipating soul. On the way back to the GusuLan Sect, Lan WangJi bought a jar of ‘Emperor’s Smile’ from Caiyi Town. This was the first jar he bought back, as well as the only one he drank. The wine was fragrant, very crisp, and very spicy. It was understandable why that person would like it. He drank the wine he drank, suffered the wounds he suffered The sobered Lan WangJi had no memory but on his chest there already was a scar the same as the brand mark Wei WuXian received in the cave of the Xuanwu of Slaughter. The storage room that held the items confiscated from the QishanWen Sect, was destroyed by somebody. The looks in the eyes of the Lan people when they was him was of panic, and shock. Lan QiRen seemed both upset and angered but with the advice from Lan XiChen, he never ended up scolding him for it. In that 3 years, no matter reproach or punishment, he’d had more than enough. With a sigh, he no longer opposed Lan WangJi’s decision to keep Wen Yuan. Until now, this wound, has already been scabbed over for 13 years. Lan WangJi began to thrust, while Wei WuXian shut his eyes tightly, and grit his teeth, breathing heavily, fixing his breathing to Lan WangJi’s movements. When he was just getting used to the overwhelming object, Wei WuXian moved his hips involuntarily and a sudden bout of numbing pleasure rippled from down below, crawling up his spine and through his whole body. Wei WuXian immediately discovered how he could enjoy such a position. He buried his hands inside Lan WangJi’s sweat-drenched hair, lifting the forehead ribbon as he grinned, his voice velvet, “… Does it feel good?” “Inside of me?” Lan WangJi bit down on his lower lip, answering the question with even fiercer thrusts. Wei WuXian was f*cked so hard sweat dripped down his back, glistening from top to bottom. Gasping, he rambled on, “Lan WangJi…” “You’re finished.” “Our 3 bows…” “We haven’t completed the last one…” “We haven’t married yet…!” “To do such a thing before we’re married…” “Do you know what this is called?” “If your uncle was to find out, he’d throw you into the pig cage.” Lan WangJi almost glowered as he forced a response, “…been finished from the start!” What followed was another deep plunge. Wei WuXian threw his head back in both pain and pleasure, exposing his defenseless throat. Lan WangJi bit down on it. The almost too intense pleasure made Wei WuXian’s mind go blank for a short while. Amid the haze, his first thought was, “I don’t believe it…” “Why the f*ck…” ” I didn’t do this with Lan Zhan back when I was fifteen?” “All those days…” “All got eaten into the dog’s stomach…”
(basically all for nought) During such activities, Lan WangJi was definitely the ‘doer’. Not knowing, how to flirt, he’s a man of little words and much action. After some daze, Wei WuXian regained his composure and sneakily began to ramble on about the dirtiest things, right beside Lan WangJi’s ear, “Second Young Master Lan, when did you start having feelings for me?” “If you liked me since such a long time ago, why didn’t you take me sooner?” “The back mountains of your Cloud Recesses would be quite a good location, wouldn’t it? ” “When I snuck out to fool around alone, you should’ve tied me up and like right now pin me onto the grass doing whatever you pleased.” “Ah… go softer on me…” “It’s my first time…” “B-be nicer to me…” “Eh? Where was I?” “Continue.” “You’re so strong, so I couldn’t have resisted.” “Eh? Right.” “If you were afraid I would scream, you could’ve silenced me.” “Or… your Library Pavilion also would’ve been a great place, right in the middle of the scriptures scattered on the ground.” “We could’ve bought a few cut-sleeve booklets to compare and learn, any position at all…” “That’s it-” “Er-gege!” “S-spare me!” “Spare me please!” “Fine, fine.” “Fine! I’ll stop talking!” “You’re good!” “T- too good!” “I can’t take it, I really can’t…!” “D- don’t..!” Lan WangJi couldn’t take his teasing at all. With the thrusts, Wei WuXian felt like everything inside him had been stirred together. He begged nicely, yet Lan WangJi went even harder. Having been held down for almost an hour without changing positions at all, Wei WuXian’s waist and thighs had been slammed numb. After the numbness came the pain and itch, almost as though millions of ants crawled within his bone marrow. Now that he finally had a taste of the evil seed he’d sown, Wei WuXian pleased him with kisses and rambled on, lacking all pride, “Er-gege, wake up, will you?” “Leave me my life, we can continue this another day, huh?” “Let’s hang this up for now, is that fine?” “Today, spare this virgin, won’t you?” “HanGuang-Jun is too strong, the YiLing Patriarch has lost, huh?” “Already lost~” “We can fight this out another day.” Veins stood out from Lan WangJi’s forehead as he spoke with difficulty, a word at a time, “…If you truly want to stop…” “…then…” “shut your mouth… and stop talking…” Wei WuXian, “But I’ve got a mouth and mouths do nothing but talk!” “Lan Zhan.” “What I said before…” “that I want to sleep with you every day…” “Can you pretend like you didn’t hear it?” “Cannot.” “Hey!” “How could you be like this?” “You’ve never refused me of anything before!” Lan WangJi offered him a faint smile, “Cannot~” Seeing that smile, Wei WuXian’s eyes lit up again, so ecstatic that he almost forgot where he was. But, Wei WuXian was immediately forced to tears from the fierce motions contrasting the smile that was like sunlight on snow. He gripped the grass with both hands, shouting hoarsely, “Then four days, how about once every four days?” “If not four days then three works too!” At last, Lan WangJi concluded with resonating determination, “Everyday means everyday.” If there’s other things y’all might want to see just put it in the comments! Thanks guys!

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  2. I uploaded the preview for the MDZS live action ep 1 but it got copyright claimed almost immediately :c

    Here’s some viewing options:

    v.qq.com – Tencent’s official platform
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    WeTV English – Tencent’s English streaming service on YT

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    – Viet Subs
    – ep 1-8 currently released
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    – page is in Viet, may not be able to read

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