“Pyaar Ka Blood Test” – Kubbra Sait & Kunal Kapoor | UnErase Poetry

We’re so caught up in our lives that we often forget the past,
We forget old friends whom we don’t remember when we met last. A moment of relief came after ages,
I remembered an old friend as I turned the album pages. These memories were from the days when everything came after playing,
I remember a silent, timid friend of mine, his name was Chirag. Every 15 days, Chirag fought to go to a playground
But his desires were contained in the four walls of his house. The one to stop him from playing, was no one else but his own mother
Who cried alone for hours, after not letting him play. He spoke like an adult, but like a storm he was.
He would almost fall when the wind blew, that is how light he was. He made sure he was in every photo, he wanted to be a part of every memory,
He wore a cape like superman, I wonder where he wanted to fly off to. He kept loosing his breath while talking for too long,
He ran every single race, but he came last in all. Every 15 days, their team would definitely lose,
because without Shoaib their team was not good enough After convincing him a million times, he would still disappear
And the next day when he was questioned, he made the weirdest excuses. His skin was pale, he never looked like an of us.
But he asked so many questions, he learnt new things from all of us. He ran away from firecrackers and he never played with the colour red,
He missed school twice every two months, I thought he was scared of math. Every 15 days, Reuben took one more step away from Faiza.
He broke his own heart, in parts. This behaviour confused Faiza a lot.
She thought, why does Reuben never confess his love. But lying on the hospital bed for hours, was not new for him.
His childhood surely had passed, but his childhood never left his face. Whenever someone asked him his age, he always seemed hesitant.
And every time he got the guitar, he sang the lines “What if there is no tomorrow” When we asked him, he always said that all prayers for him are ineffective.
The red colour is his means of survival and also the poison for him. Every 15 days, 20 year old Gurmeet smiled when he was asked about 5 years down the line.
He wanted to achieve all his dreams in just 5 years and then finally retire. His only wish was that his parents knew about this before.
We found out what he was living with, only when he was no more. He wanted to live without worries, every day.
He wanted to cut just one more cake and live till another birthday. Every 15 days, Parth prays that nobody else gets this 15 day life.
He prays that his yesterday is nobody else’s today. He prays that no more houses and streets have to see a night,
with the daily choking yet burning light.

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  1. 8th May is World Thalassemia Day, don't forget to donate and help: https://www.ketto.org/fundraiser/pyaarkabloodtest

  2. किसकी जिंदगी में क्या चल रहा है,
    कोई नहीं जानता!!!

  3. Awesome awareness video!🙌Thank you TWF, Kunal Kpoor& Kubbra for your support. I am also Thalassemia warrior & working with TWF Pune Team. ☺

  4. Kaash mummy papa jaan lete,
    usne kabhi kuch kaha nahi,
    Usse kya hua tha yeh bhi tab jana,
    Jab woh batane ke liye duniya ma tha hi nahi.

  5. This channel once used to be focussed at good content.. Now the focus seems to have shifted.. I think just like other industries, marketing ruined you.. Selling yourself has taken some focus and the content isn't as good as it used to be.. Also the template of poems is the same.. Just my feedback..

  6. This is really good…
    Hats off to the writers❤
    And You guyz performed it really well…Love it❤❣❣❣

  7. Boy in poetry look like Hrithik Roshan…if u see him very closely…evn voice are little similar….
    Ultimate poetry….
    Love u both.

  8. Unfortunately we live in a society where vines get millions of views n these type of beautiful videos get only in thousands 😪

  9. Apart from blood transfusions in every 15 days . Go for Ayurveda treatment called “ अजारक्त बस्ती “ . Ask more about that to your nearest Ayurveda Acharia ( B.A.M.S doctor)

  10. Hey…..my best friend had thalassaemia too…….n i lost her last year…she was my best friend

  11. Awesome! Superb content Thanks UnErase Poetry to drawing attention to such a serious threat to humanity! God Bless! 👌✌👍

  12. Maine v Dosti Jaise Khubsurat Ehsas K upar Likha h Kuch …Must Watch #DostiWalaPyar

  13. Khuch lamhe btaye nhi jaate
    Khuch baate baya nhi hoti
    Har khushi ruth k chali jaati h
    Dukh ka samundar bhi
    Thamta nhi h
    Pls visit on my chanel
    Nice poetry u both are star

  14. I am a thalassemia minor and my mom says that fortunately my dad wasn't one too because no one checked all these things then. As glad as I am to not be that kid, I hate that someone is that kid. T.minors like me should make sure they don't produce kids the same kind. This awareness is very necessary.
    Thankyou for bringing up Such an important issue that is not at all popular, that too so beautifully.

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