Puppets & Resisters (A Short Story that Explains it all)

Imagine every human being on the planet was
standing in a giant room, and up in the balcony of the room there was
a device that could send out impulses to every human
brain at the same time. “HAARP is a mind control device” (Nick Begich Jr.) Now imagine an evil genius, standing in that
balcony, who wanted to control the world. The evil genius would conduct random tests
of the population, by, lets says, sending out an impulse to raise
your right hand. (Darren Brown Shopping Mall experiment) for example. Let’s say about half of the people followed
the subliminal command and raised their hand But the other half didn’t. Knowing the evil genius wanted to maintain
control over the whole world, which half do you think the evil genius would
choose to lead the rest? It would be those who follow the subliminal
commands; those who raise their right hand on command,
without even questioning why. Most of the population is unaware that someone
is sending out subliminal commands, and those who spontaneously raise their hands, look around, and bond with other people who
also raised their hands. Maybe they all think they have a special connection with God. Simultaneously they find themselves landing
great jobs, buying nice houses, somehow getting lucky in everything they try
to do. At the same time, those who did not raise
their hands, and follow the subliminal commands find themselves losing jobs, losing their
houses, and somehow becoming unlucky in everything
they try to do. But some of the hand raisers become suspicious, they sense something is very wrong. So the evil genius sends out another subliminal
command. The command is to lift their left foot. Some of the hand raisers lift their left foot,
but other hand raisers dont. Some of those who resisted raising their right
hand, now give in to raising their left foot. But other resisters don’t raise their hand, and they don’t lift their foot either. Then the double resisters start dying, and the double raisers are shoved into the
spotlight. The rest of the humans who are somewhere in the middle are then given the message that they should all be like the double raisers. The double raisers then become triple raisers,
quadruple raisers, etc, until the evil genius has a group of reliable
puppets who are sure to follow any command without
any resistance. They become the politicians, the school boards,
the media heads, and now the puppets make the laws and rule
the social climate. But still, the commands are subliminal. Most do not know it is happening, even the
puppets. But lets say one of the resisters in the corner of the room yells it. A command is sent forth and the puppets proclaim
the resister insane. The majority of the population in the center of the room doesn’t notice because they are distracted by the bright and dazzling
lights surrounding the puppets. But lets say, one of the puppets fails to follow commands and over time the puppet is changing into
a resister. The evil genius begins to zap the puppet-turning-resister. And lets say one of the long-time resistors tries to help
the puppet-turning-resister. Then suddenly the puppet-turning-resister
is dead, and the resister trying to help that person is labeled the murderer and sent to prison. The population doesn’t notice. They are too busy looking at the dazzling
lights. The puppets are given top positions in the
schools. Most of the younger children follow the subliminal
commands, but a few begin to resist around age 9. The puppets recommend that the children of
resisters be taken away from their families and relocated into puppet families, so they can be trained properly to be puppets, The children are put through trauma and separated
from their families. The trauma weakens them and they begin to
follow the subliminal commands. But after time they become strong and resist
on the next test. So the evil genius sends another trauma to the
resisting children. They weaken and become puppets again. Resister-trauma-puppet, resister-trauma-puppet. Over and over this cycle occurs, and one by one the divergent children die
off, some by drugs, some by disease, some by suicide,
some by murder. But the population in the center of the room doesn’t see. They are too busy watching the dazzling lights. More puppets are brought into the inner circle. Good puppets. Good puppets. Everybody should be a puppet. Everybody wants to be a puppet. The commands go on. A few puppets die. Thats just the life of puppets, people say. Be a puppet. Be a puppet. The commands go on. Raise your hand… Cover your eye… frame your eye… pyramids… devil horns… tongue out… SHHH….Never speak about the secret commands. Never tell that you are a puppet. Never listen to the resisters. Where are the resisters? Dedicated to all those who have suffered at the hands of the Beast.

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