Pulp Fiction (1994) – All Death Scenes

We got into this thing with the best intentions, really. I never… Oh, I’m sorry. Did i break your concentration? And you will know my name is the Lord when i lay my vengeance upon thee! Die, you motherfuckers! Die! Marvin, what do you make of all this? Man, I don’t even have an opinion. Well, you’ve got to have an opinion. I mean do you think that God came down from Heaven and stopped the (bullets?)…

30 Replies to “Pulp Fiction (1994) – All Death Scenes

  1. I watched this film when I was drunk and I hated it because I was hung over, I re-watched it and I love it despite thinking Quentin Tarantino is a tool. Inglorious Bastards sucked, so tasteless.

  2. Feel bad for everyone's death actually expect the last one of course. Also some girl got shot ok the street in before Butch was tied up, but I think I am going to go with the guess that since she was still breathing and ambulance came and probably was able to save her

  3. Bullets holes were on the wall before he even shot. That’s the only part that get me angry with this movie

  4. Zed and Maynard really remind me of two characters called Bob Skokes and Jim Triplett from a Penelope Spheeris film called Suburbia (1983) In that film the two characters were vigilantes – in one scene in the film, after confronting a skinhead, Jim Triplett tells the skinhead "up your ass! How would you like the long end of this rifle up your ass?! – (guns are a metaphor for penises) coincidence?

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