Prime Minister’s Literary Awards Compilation – Recognition

I think the recognition of one’s peers is incredibly important. Being a writer especially one who is published is really an act of great vulnerability you’re putting your work there for the judgment of others and that really is a gift to the Australian community because they provide us the opportunity to think things and to see things that we otherwise might not have. The kind of support that these awards provide allows authors to write another book. I think what it does is it puts writers out there to feel that that that the pain is worth it um it’s not all pain. There’s joy and bringing the book to its fruition but I think that it is important that there is recognition beyond the writers circles. I think as artists we sometimes feel like our work is often not seen especially as midlist authors what they call a midlist author and and so that that sense of visibility and that the Government is out there that the arts are being supporting the broader sense is a fantastic thing. People put an enormous amount of effort into their work and often don’t feel that there’s a great deal of response whereas people read it but you don’t always know that So it’s it’s tremendous when there’s a public recognition like this

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