Prime Minister’s Literary Awards 2017 Compilation – Importance of Writing

History is one of the most fascinating
things anyone can do and I would advise people to take a real interest in what
has come before because it says a lot about where we’re heading. I think it’s
really important that we understand our past so that we can head forwards with
confidence and with knowledge and with a determination not to make the same
mistakes that were made in the past. It’s great to see poetry as a genre
recognised. A genre that Leonard Cohen said that if you sell 500 books of poems
you’re well on the way to immortality so you’re never going to be a best-selling author. It’s the way that we can reach people in ways that are subliminal and it’s got a great history a great tradition in Australia. You have to write your passion and although it’s good to look at sort of
marketing things and go to seminars about what’s popular, I think to write
something really good you have to write your heart and I don’t think there was
anybody around saying hey would be a really good idea to write something said
in 1450 BC, the other side of the world And it’s just been there in my heart. And so you know listen to advice and just keep on writing what you want. I think my advice to other fiction writers would be write what you believe in and
my book is a very odd idea that put that I thought wouldn’t work but I believed
in it I wanted to write it and I wrote it and I’ve won this award

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