Postcolonial Literature – Introduction – Dr Sayan Chattopadhyay, IIT Kanpur

hello and welcome to this introductory video
on a course on postcolonial literature during ah the last quarter of the twentieth century
literary studies in particular and the study of humanities in general moved in a new direction
which opened up a completely new field of inquiry this is what we now know as the field
of postcolonial studies now inspite of not having a very long history postcolonial studies
since its inception in the nineteen eighties has grown tremendously in significance and
today postcolonial concerns um inform a very large section of the research of the publication
of the teaching ah that goes on within the various english departments of this country
post colonialism is a truly an interdisciplinary field and one of the most exciting things
ah about studying it is that the student finds herself at a cross section where subjects
as varied as literature history geography philosophy psychology they all intersect one
another so this makes postcolonial literary studies really a very interesting field of
inquiry but at the same time this plethora of subjects which intersect each other in
the field of postcolonial studies also make it a subject whose margins are rather vaguely
defined and whose contours are difficult to grasp and this difficulty in fact is also
evident in the term post colonialism whose meaning for the past four decades now have
proved to be notoriously hard to pin down yet inspite of this post colonialism and the
terms associated with it like for instance orientalism or hybridity or sub alternative
they have come to occupy the center of contemporary literary discussions this course is an attempt
to help you navigate the complex means of terms and concepts associated with postcolonial
literary studies and it is also intended to introduce you to the wonderfully wide variety
of literature that is today studied under the rubric of post colonialism i am sure you
will enjoy this course

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