Polyglot Speaking 14 Languages – How I Maintain my 14 Languages

Hello Youtube! This is Lucas. Last year my friend Jan shot a video in which he speaks about how he maintains all his languages. I got really inspired by that video and I thought I could maybe do the same. In this video I am going to tell you my game plan in 14 languages. Keep watching! I will start in Portuguese I was talking to one of my coaching clients. I help people to learn languages with coaching sessions. And when I was talking to one of my clients he said: Well, I understood already how to learn languages quickly and more efficiently. Last year he contacted me because he wanted to learn French. He studied French for a while and then he switched to Russian. And now in December he went to Colombia Where he managed to practice French, Russian and obviously he also practiced Spanish in Colombia He is Brazilian He speaks English. And then he told me ”Ok, Lucas, I now really understand how to learn languages quickly” But now I need a strategy to maintain all these languages. What can I do so that I don’t forget them? What should I do not to mix them up? I told him: ”well, you need a game plan”. A plan with strategies about you’re going to maintain all these languages at the same time. And in this video I will tell you what my gameplan is for 2017. We will start with Spanish. Well… My brother Jeff, well not my blood brother but a great friend of mine… Just got married to a Spanish girl At the moment he’s living in Sao Paulo in the same apartment where I used to live. But he will move to Spain and I really would like to visit him. So I am going to Spain, I will practice my Spanish in Spain. But besides going to Spain, I also want to practice with flashcards. I want to learn and review about 50 sentences per day. And if I stay diligent, if I only skip the Sundays, In the end of the year I will have learned and reviewed about 15.000 sentences. I think that it will be very useful for my Spanish. Ok, that was the game plan for Spanish. Italian. Last year I spoke and practiced a little bit of Italian with a friend of mine ”Luca Toma”. A great Italian polyglot who speaks Japanese at a very high level. But unfortunately we not don’t have so much time to practice.. Ah, a dog. Well, to be honest I am not planning to improve my Italian this year because I won’t have the time. But, just like Spanish I want to learn and review about 50 sentences per day It will take me about 5 – 10 minutes to do it. I want to do it every day. And by doing that I won’t forget the language. That was the game plan for Italian French Well, it will be a little bit easier with French because I live with a francophone. I live with a Belgium friend. I really like the French language, it’s really a language that I definitely want to improve this year. So I will also be practicing with my sentences. I will use VocaBooster French. I will try to do a little bit more for French. Maybe I will study 100 sentences per day. So I will need 10 minutes to do it. Besides that I will also practice French with my flatmate. He’s learning Portuguese now so it won’t be possible to speak only in French. But I will try to speak French often. That was the game plan for French. German. Two years ago I had a flatmate from Hamburg, Germany. Back then I learned a lot of German, and I also practiced a lot. Unfortunately I didn’t speak so much German last year. But this year I would like to go to language meetups at least once per month. Currently I’m in Novi Sad, in Serbia and I have been twice to a language meetup where people come together to speak German. I know that it probably won’t be enough to really improve my German. But I think that if I go to this German meetup at least once per month I won’t forget my German. That was the Game plan for German, now Dutch. As you probably know, the co-founder of LanguageBoost is Jan van der Aa, he is Dutch. We did a language exchange last year, Dutch/Portuguese. So this year I would like to speak with Jan more often in Dutch. Usually we only speak English. But this year I would like to…. Maybe when I call him I will start the conversation in Dutch. And I think that will help me to not forget my Dutch. The next language is Norwegian. I don’t have any big plans for Norwegian. I was in Norway three years ago where I learned a little Norwegian. But I can’t speak Norwegian very well. I don’t have much free time to learn Norwegian. When I travel I don’t meet many Norwegians. If I meet a Norwegian it’s very difficult to convince them to talk to me in Norwegian. So I don’t think that I will practice my Norwegian this year. Now Finnish Last year I learned and spoke a lot of Finnish. And I would like to continue this year. I got this book and I would to read it. I also want to practice phrases just like I said when I was speaking Spanish and Italian. I also would like to review phrases and words in Finnish. Maybe 15 minutes a day. I have friends who speak Finnish, so I will also try to practice with them, Ok, now the Gameplan for the Slavic languages. Russian. Well, what shall I say about Russian? I do actually speak Russian almost every day. I have many friends who speak Russian. So I don’t think that I am going to forget this language. By the way, I just got invited to come to Moscow. They want to shoot a reality show. To be honest I don’t know how it’s going to work. I use Russian for work, with my Russian-speaking clients, so I won’t worry too much much about my Russian. Ok, so now Ukrainian. I’ve read a few books in Russian. And now I would like to read them in Ukrainian. Besides that I want to go to Ukraine again. I’m planning to go to Lviv where I have some friends, so I think that I will be often speaking Ukrainian. Polish Last year I lived in Krakow for 3 months. Unfortunately, because of work, I wasn’t able to speak Polish all the time. but I want to go back to Poland this year. where I am going to continue my Polish studies. This year I want to dedicate more time for Polish because I really love this language. And besides that, Krakow is my favorite city in the world. So I will be practicing Polish with flashcards, I will also be reading books. Last year I read two books in Polish and this year I want to read other 2 books in Polish. That was it for Polish Serbian Right now I’m in Novi Sad. I’m learning Serbian now. Serbian is actually the main language that I want to learn this year. I’m learning Serbian quite intensively. I have 5 lessons a week. I still don’t speak Serbian very well but I want to continue learning Serbian. I also want to go to Bosnia, maybe to Sarajevo. I would like to practice my Serbian there. Bulgarian 3 weeks ago I went to Bulgaria. I had the opportunity to speak some Bulgarian. I went there for Christmas and for the New Year. I spoke some Bulgarian there. As a matter of fact, Bulgarian was the first language that I spoke this year. But unfortunately I won’t continue learning Bulgarian now because I’m learning Serbian at the moment. And I think that my Serbian is still at a low level and therefore I really want to concentrate on Serbian. So, I won’t be studying Bulgarian this year. but I do have friends from Bulgaria and I will try to talk to them in Bulgarian. but I think that I will continue with Bulgarian only next year. Ok, so now let me just wrap it up for you. This year I will be using a lot of flashcards , I will be using the Vocabooster anki decks. Besides that I will be trying to socialize as much as possible. I will be trying to talk to people in all these different languages. And what about you? What’s your game plan for 2017? Make sure that you subscribe to our youtube channel. Please leave your comments below and see you next time!

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  1. olá Lucas eu assisti ao vídeo que a mola fala de vc
    quero ser interprete simultâneo
    Trabalhei como Consecutivo em uma empresa
    se puder me chame no whats 13996758531

  2. ok most people are saying you didn’t make too many grammatical mistakes, obviously you reviewed what you were going to say…before shooting the video…

  3. I am from Bulgaria and your Bulgarian is pretty wonderful. Thank you for having learned my language! Благодаря!

  4. What is the app he uses to practice sentences? Id loved to be a polyglot but I'm hopeless at remembering the language and grammar 😂

  5. I can only learn one language at a time. I am at an advanced level in Turkish and I wouldn't venture to learn a new language yet; not even to polish an old language that I know I'm not fluent in.

  6. Hi everyone
    I'm Ali from Egypt
    I'm native Arabic, good in English and beginner in Spanish
    So we can exchange languages and practice together.

  7. You're the first polyglot I've heard speaking Dutch that has the right accent! Normally they all speak in a very German way, except if they're literally from the Netherlands or Belgium, unlike you! Impressive!

  8. very talented!! and your accent is so great. but hahaha i found it so funny that when you said 6.30 'if i call jan', you showed us a different shot wherein you were looking at your phone. hahahaha. so funny. i just had to laugh so much thank you

  9. una piccola critica COSTRUTTIVA
    *con un amico mio > con un mio amico
    *per dire la realtà > a dire la verità
    *no ho intenzione > non ho intenzione
    *giusto come lo spagnolo > come per lo spagnolo
    *imparare e rividere > imparare e ripassare
    *cinquenta > cinquanta
    *per giorno > al giorno

  10. Your Finnish is very good and you only made a few minor mistakes. If you want to say "I have friends", you say "minulla on ystäviä" and not "minulla on ystävät". It is the partitive case in Finnish. The only thing you should work on is your accent but it is not too bad either. Good job! Also I would say you speak great German also but I am no one to judge as I am not a native speaker either. Keep up the good work.

  11. The gentleman speaks excellent English and I assume that he is a native speaker of Brazilian Portuguese. His Spanish is wonderful and he appears to speak Russian at an intermediate level. I cannot really tell the breadth and width of his vocabulary in Russian. It's not easy for a native speaker of a non-Slavic language to ramp up to 10 000 words quickly. I would like to know whether the gentleman has achieved a C1 Level in any of the languages that he demonstrated ? I would imagine that he could do so in Spanish and English.

  12. Muito legal o seu vídeo ,cara! Eu gosto também muito do aprendizado de línguas. O meu nome é Giovanni, eu sou peruano e sou também um poliglota . Se quiser a gente pode se ajudar a aprender outras línguas. Deixo o meu WhatsApp para que possa me adicionar +51962530544. 😎

  13. Ich hab' als Kind vier Sprachen gelernt. Ich bin Russischmuttersprachler, und kann fließend auch Ukrainisch, Englisch und Arabisch. Ich lerne nun die deutsche Sprache… und ich einfach liebe die…

    Ich möchte gerne natürlich mehre Sprachen lernen, doch ich kann mit der Sicherheit sagen es, dass eine andere Sprache wird mir nie gefallen wie Deutsch gefällt mir schon…

    ich weiß dass ich viele Fehlern mache… es dauert um eine Sprache gut zu lernen… ich geb' niemals auf… eines Tages werd' ich in Deutschland umziehen…

    doch wirklich? Vierzehn Sprachen? Haben Sie ein Gefühl für die Sprachen Sie gelernt haben? Es ist sehr wichtig für mich, um die Sprachen zu spüren. Und das dauert, ne? Ich werde in der Zukunft vielleicht mehr Sprachen lernen, doch ich glaube nicht ich werde dafür das Gefühl haben… 🙁

  14. Speaking foi bondade sua, comunicando talvez seja a palavra mais apropriada. Além disso, não entendo essa tara dos "hiperpoliglotas" em dizer que falam 15, 20 ou 30 línguas. Da mesma forma que um indivíduo não pode ser um músico profissional em 15 instrumentos, uma pessoa não pode falar 15 idiomas. Um verdadeiro bilíngue é como intérprete musical de conservatório, enquanto o hiperpoliglota seria um "one man band".

  15. How do you do this? And how long did you take to learn all these languages ?Anyway, congrats uncle Lucas!👍

  16. Seu Português é muito bom, quase igual a um nativo da língua, pouquíssimos erros de gramática. E sua pronúncia é quase sem sotaque algum , parabéns.

  17. Amazing Bulgarian lol, I'm native so its always fun to see a foreigner be able to speak my native language, and you do it very well too!

  18. Caramba, que incrível! Super sonho em falar várias línguas, mas MORRO DE VERGONHA até de falar meu inglês, como faz?! 🙁 Enfim, super parabéns cara! Parabéns mesmo! <3

  19. Your russian and ukranian are very perfect. I think you like slavic languages more than others.

  20. Подписалась от" Джон и Ева". Полезно для общего развития

  21. Lucas your Polish pronunciation is near perfect, I’m in awe of your skill, especially that many people find Polish very difficult to learn and pronounce correctly, well done!

  22. Русский был классный и английский и украинский тоже. Салют брат!

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