Polish Language Pronunciation Contest

[Music] hello guys so we’re again in alternative also enjoying the beautiful weather that we have in the capital and we’re making a new video for the black shadow final and now again is my friend data that will help us with this so the video is really simple we are going to ask foreigners how to pronounce certain polish words I think it’s going to be pretty awesome okay hey Benjamin where are you from Portugal Alomar another one there is it nearby my my your cap respond to color it is Simon are you from Birmingham me llamo Maria de salsa okay so ready for Leontes okay first word shooting gran unique Zurich Zurich a warszawa warm wah-wah now again warszawa again for Chava perfect we’re getting polish me both over but what but Java version ah my bar Shaba so sad okay guys first shunt okay next word cause see yacht kasi odd top top ski oh good god chill co-co-co co-co-co goes to be the name of one of the biggest cities in Poland okay yeah not lost blood which would of faith in session she’ll sing is important because I take sides in starting shuttle Turkish dirty tetsu can drag hookah Hector back son yeah let’s go zags all can jerk jakka that was more it was okay stop Z’s gang it’s so beautiful in toxic gas vents suck weeks curse wheat star system and we had third story Scott Randolph is Trey talk let’s go straight sex right possession with fruit trees SG sleeve I then levy but San lien we slashed a sliver specials leavened bread daily we just obsession to bed where’s then splitting away [Applause] you

30 Replies to “Polish Language Pronunciation Contest

  1. jakby mówili po chińsku 😀 uroczo nawet 😀 Mam nadzieję, że podobało im się w Polsce, sama niedługo wracam do kraju, jest za czym tęsknić 🙂

  2. There was that old movie about Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz
    I wonder how would they react to his name)

  3. C'est difficile le Polonais , du fait que la majorité des cas on prononce des sons qui n'existent pas et que seuls les Polonais du souche connaissent par cœur.

  4. this was very fun to watch, i watch this video to practice my sz, cz, ch and prze pronunciations and also to have some laughs 🙂

  5. I learned Polish alfabet and pronunciation,but I don't speak it.
    I can read it almost without mistakes, but things like krz, prz… can confuse me a bit in a moment.


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