An ancient beast awoken from the past. On a quest, to destroy the world of Wraeclast Sword and shield, mutton and mead. Courage and valor, the warriors creed The time has come, the stage is set. But Wraeclast faces a greater threat. Not in form of beast or monster. But in the form of balancing slaughter. Some changes are concerning. I find EB disconcerting. Mana no longer abundant. Energy Shield, almost redundant. New loot filter, no items to sort. New base types, though some fall short. Balancing needs to be addressed, before concluding this beta test. New jewels, glittering and gleaming. At first sight I remember screaming. Mind racing, new builds spawning. A new age for Wraeclast dawning. Many new possibilities, bring forth new hostilities. Mors will find it hard to quench his thirst. To say the words…. “I did it first”. Desync will draw its dying breath. And now i’ll know what caused my death. My steps will be locked and my mind will relapse. To when Cybrix cried out… “I died with the maps”.

95 Replies to “PoEtry

  1. Nice video, would be awesome if u can add somehow (inside or outside the video) what you are saying, for those people that english is not their main lenguage. Stay cool WW ^^

  2. Good morning. Nice work Willy! Tho I have one notice – using two same words in consecutive sentences ruins poem a bit, referring to 'concerning' part.

  3. This is so legit. Love it. I didn't think it was you at first till I heard your accent. Good PoEtry bro! MORE!! Made me chuckle, but it rhymed really well!

  4. I like the new logo… sick! Appreciate it Willy, making new and more interesting content on youtube.. 🙂

  5. I fuckign love it!

    Shame one of your nazi mods banned me for un-known reasons though.
    But oh well, your oil money will cover the loss of a sub.

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