Poetry Hour: Episode 1

People keep using the word woke. I do not
think Im woke, for I’ve not yet had my coffee. Then again, i don’t drink coffee. I don’t
drink coffee. Don’t drink coffee. Some people are half pterodactyl, others are not. To test
this theory lets see what I’ve got. AHHHHHHHHHHH! Boots have zippers, unless they dont. Dolphins
have flippers, surprise. Surprise. Surprise. Ass. Surprise. Surprise. Surprise they float.
Welcome to the 2nd grade spelling bee. Your word is grammar. Could you use it in a sentence?
The students stammers. Bitch i just did. Um ok I guess I’ll try spelling it anyway. grammar.
G R A M M E R. Timmy, you fucked up. Timmy, you fucked up. Go wait in the car. I enjoy
the smell of fresh cut grass, ass. But it feels like shit. All wet on my ass. And I
know you think this poem is crass. I mean youre not wrong, it’s just an excuse to say

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