Poet offers insights to Jayhawk experience through wordplay

♪ soft music ♪ Welcome to KU. Where questions rest in stacks of answers from the past. Where dreams crawl out of bed and learn to walk uphill both ways. Where freshmen stand on stilts and hang from the rafters while the wheat waves in a fieldhouse. Where the Phog rolls in helping us to see through the past into the future. Haunting hosts giving handouts in a heritage too heavy to grasp until you add to it. So it may be born anew. Allowing our boots to stand in the ash of oppression’s hate but shine bright as the sun. While war cries of warriors past ring in our ears long after their battles are won. Memorials telling time, “You don’t have to stand still.” Because the top of the world is just up that Hill. Where our natural history is an awe-struck echo of world’s fair and equal. Past, present, and future, prelude and sequel. Where our flags fly above plains. Where we build in chalks that can’t be erased. Stone edifices made to last so you would walk past their doors, down their halls, and let your voice fill their room because only in an empty silence can destruction loom. ♪ music tempo increases ♪ So stand tall. Wrap your arms around this crowd. Sing our alma mater and sing it out loud. Let your voice join in chorus and reach other nations beckoning new Jayhawks to spark new collaborations because you are the mortar that will hold these walls upright. Your future, your dreams are why Jayhawks did fight. For the tradition before you was merely prelude ♪ music slows down ♪ to what will come next now that you’re at KU.

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