Hey guys, it’s Emily! For today’s video I
am doing a quick little comic book slash graphic novel book haul. I have been on a
bit of a graphic novel buying kick. I went to a comic shop the first time
in like a long time the other day, and I went crazy. And I haven’t been really
buying and reading graphic novels with the same level of velocity, I don’t know
if that’s right word, as I have in past. So I went a little crazy, I went a little
crazy. I’ve got a bunch of graphic novels and one comic that I wanted to share
with you guys. And quick little jargon overview: I tend to refer to anything
that is not a comic magazine as a graphic novels, that’s what I’m talking
about here. Let’s get into it. The first book that I have for you is one that I
have already finished and I really liked it, and that is Monstress by Marjorie Liu
and Sana Takeda. Liu is the writer, Takeda is the artist. I don’t…
I’m not… I don’t really know how to describe it. I’ll say it’s like a kind of
steampunk, not traditional steampunk, but it also takes place in the society
that’s clearly like East Asian inspired. It’s scary. This is more of a horror comic
than I expected. It’s called Monstress, I probably should have figure that out.
I didn’t realize going in just how creepy it would be, but really liked this,
and I have ordered volume 2. So I am really excited to continue this series.
Next I have a comic and this is, in fact, the first comic that I’ve ever bought. I
always go for graphic novels, trade paperbacks, that kind of thing. But I’m so
excited about this series, which just came out this year, I think like early,
early 2017 is when it was released, and so I got myself issue number one. I think
they have three issues out in total now. I should probably what it is and it is
Victor Lavelle’s Destroyer. And so what this is, the concept of this is that
Frankenstein’s monster is real, like Frankenstein’s long dead but the monster
survives. And then another storyline that you’ve got going on is this brilliant,
brilliant black female scientist, her son is shot and killed by police, so she
reanimates his body a la Frankenstein. And then these two
storylines collide. I am so excited to read this. I think it’s really
interesting and current and the art is so cool. I’m realizing now we’re two for
two on the horror comics, and I’m a chicken. We’ll see how this goes. Even if
I get too scared, I’m very excited to read this. Next up I have volume one of Paper Girls by Brian K Vaughn and Cliff Chiang. I’m so
excited about this! It’s about 1980s newspaper delivery
girls who accidentally cause a rift in time… That sounds amazing!
I’ve heard really good things about this series. It’s kind of been all over the
place because Brian K Vaughn is such a big name in comics right now. I’m super
pumped. I’ve heard it’s got some Stranger Things vibes, so I will have this series
to tide me over as I like pace the floor waiting for season 2 of Stranger
Things to come out, which I’m so excited about. Next I have Giant Days volume one
by John Allison and Lissa Treiman. I’m so pumped for this. Maddy over at The Book
Pusher, who I will link to, she was raving about this series. I think she’s read a
couple volumes of it. I only have volume one, but whatever. To my knowledge it’s
just like about a group of friends in college, no crazy stuff going on, no
fantasy, sci-fi elements. I did a quick little flip through and the art looks so
cool and fun. This just looks like a super, super, super fun read! So excited to–
Ow! I just took myself in the face. I am just so pumped to pick this up it, looks
like it’s gonna be just like pure fun. And next I have two volumes and they are
six and seven in the Saga series by Brian K Vaughn and Fiona Staples. if you
don’t know what this is, where have you been. This is one of the hottest comic
series right now. I have kind of fallen behind. Obviously I have read up to like
five so I picked up 6 & 7. I’m so excited to read these. This series
is like a funny, graphically violent, sometimes
has sexual content, space opera about two warring worlds, or it’s one a warring
planet and its moon, and they have these proxy wars on other planets now. It’s
about two people from opposing sides who fall in love and have a child, and
everyone’s out to get them because they don’t want this like symbol of unity out
in the galaxy, and it’s it’s amazing. I love this series so much, and I am so, so,
so excited to continue reading it. Next I have a book by one of my all-time
favorite authors. I also just think the title slash concept of this is amazing,
and it is How to Talk to Girls at Parties by Neil Gaiman, my fave. I just
love everything he touches. Fabio moon and Gabriel Ba, Bah? I’m
not sure. I should check the name. I never check author names. That is a habit that I should probably break, considering I, you
know, do the booktube camera thing and I’m talking about these books. We’ll solve
that problem later. Anyway, to my knowledge this book is about two guys
who go to a party, and there’s like these cool, hot ladies, but it turns out that
they’re actually aliens, and I’m so excited. And they’re making a movie out
of it, and I know Nicole Kidman’s gonna be in it and Elle Fanning is gonna be in
it. It sounds dope! So, gotta read the book before you see it. I don’t even know when
it’s coming out. I haven’t seen the trailer, yet but I’m pretty optimistic
that I’m gonna love this. And lastly I have Locke and Key volume one by Joe Hill
and Gabriel Rodriguez. This is another horror one, I think. I’m getting all these
horror comics. I’m a bit worried for myself. I’m going to have trouble sleeping in the
coming months, I think. Anyway, this, I again don’t really know how to describe.
I should say I started reading this years and years and years ago on a
digital copy that a friend sent to me. It was all kinds of weird, like the
software that I was using to read it didn’t work very well so it was just not
a great reading experience. So I fell off the train a bit, and I hadn’t picked it up
since and I don’t remember what happened. So I am starting from scratch, and I
picked this bad boy up. I read like two or three volumes of this. I should know
the basic premise, but it’s just, it’s gone. So that is it! All of the comics and
graphic novels I’ve recently purchased. I am so excited to like get back on the
train here when it comes to graphic novels and comics. I love them! I love
reading them. It’s so much fun. They’re so good. There’s so much just raw
talent when it comes to art and story and writing and it’s just… I love it all. I
love it all! One downside to getting into comics is because there are these
ongoing series, or you know even completed series but there’s like 20
volumes, that’s a lot of, that’s a lot of dough. So we’ll see how unhappy my bank is with
this decision, but right now current Emily is super happy about it! Thanks so
much for watching! If you liked this video give it a thumbs up, hit subscribe to see
more of my face and I will see you next time.


  1. I NEED VOLUMES 6 AND 7 OF SAGA SO MUUUCH I've read it last year and never got over the story! That comic about the little boy and Frankenstein, though… damn. I'm already looking into it 🙂 Hope you enjoy all your reading!

  2. I love Saga I can't wait for new volumes to be released. I read the short story edition of HTPUGAP by Gaiman and thought it was really good. I might pick up the graphic novel as well. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Monstress is supa creepy! I love it. ! <3 I need to pick them up – read them from my library.

    Awesome video and haul. 😀

  4. Yay I love this, I know nothing about graphic novels…like nothing. I think velocity was the right word, haha. I am SUCH a chicken too, the Diviners is giving me nightmares. The DIVINERS!!
    Also, I have hit myself with books in my videos to many times to count.

  5. You should look at My Favorite Thing is Monsters…Book 2 out in April. Just got volume 3 of Paper Girls today!!!

  6. I recently read the first two volumes of Amulet by Kazu Kibuishi and I can't stop talking about it lol it a middle grade fantasy GN series. LOVE it.

  7. Nothing to do with the comics, but I really love your look here ❤️❤️❤️ can I have your shirt?!?

    A lot of these sound great! I'm going to make my hubby watch this cuz I think he'd find some of these interesting (besides the ones he's already read 😆).

  8. I have recently borrowed SAGA VOL 1 and SAGA VOL 2 from my library and I am so excited to read them and see what the hype is all about! Lovely video and I subscried, I can't wait to see more from you xx

  9. Yes, I want to get Paper Girls for the same reason. Unfortunately I am on a book buying ban so I won't be getting a copy until Stranger Things 2 will already be out and I will have binged it but then I will have Paper Girls to fall back on.

  10. I love how booktubers say I went crazy over books! You go girl, you go crazy over all the comics and graphic novels!! I'm all for it 😀 I hardly ever pick up graphic novels because I have no clue where to begin…so I wrote down all the ones you talked about, haha! Thank you for helping me get some recs 🙂 This was an awesome 'crazy' haul!!!

  11. Aw I've been wanting to read Paper Girls and Giant Days since forever! Are you going to do a review for those when you finish reading them? 😀

  12. I can relate to this so much! I love graphic novels! This year I've been on a spree! It's pretty much all I talk about on my channel! Will definitely look for Destroyer, Monstress and Paper Girls! I've already subscribed!

  13. If you like Monstress, then you should try Lady Mechanika. I just bought Locke & Key 1, 2, & 3 from my local used book shop.
    Also, recommended, is a manga series called Bizenghast. There are 3 premium deluxe awesome book collections (you get 3 volumes in 1 book collection for much less). Worth the read. Thanks for your reviews. Keep up the great content.

  14. I started reading comics last year, and I am in love. I went on a binge too! I really want to read Monstress. I'm just now getting around to Paper Girls, after having it for months…oops. Side note, if you like the artwork from Paper Girls (by artist: Cliff Chiang), and you are at all interested in reading any Wonder Woman comics, Cliff Chiang did the artwork for the first 35 issues of the Wonder Woman new 52 series. His rendition of Wonder Woman is amazing! I hope that made some sense, lol. My two favorites at the moment are I Hate Fairyland and Witchblade (the 2017 reboot). I think I'm going to have to try Saga, because everyone is raving about it 🙂 Also, if you buy comics on Amazon, they have a great digital reader through comixology. A comixology unlimited subscription is nice to have also. It's $5.99/ month and you can read as many of the unlimited series as you want. It does save a lot of $$. They usually have a number of issues or even volumes per series. Then, if you get into the series, they have frequent discounts and sales. That sounded like a commercial, but I'm just loving it <3 Sorry, for my long-winded babble 😛

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