Peterborough & the Kawarthas – The Word Travels: Literary Places to Visit Ep 1

(Music) Well if you’re going to be visiting the Peterborough,
Lakefield area, I think it might be nice to keep in mind that there are some wonderful
places to visit. First off would be this magnificent little
building in which we are in at this moment. Christ Church Community Museum built in 1853-54
with a great deal of help from Samuel Strickland. Of the Strickland family, which of course
is Susanna and Catherine. And it was he who gathered together enough
funds to build this exquisite little place. Also in town, there’s the lovely home of Catherine
Parr Traill. Beautiful, beautiful little place. And out on the edge of town is Susanna’s homesteads
site, there’s Catherine’s beautiful headstone at the Hillside Cemetery. There’s any number of interesting literary
places to visit that have to do with the historical side. Reydon Manor up on the hill which is a very
very beautiful building also built for one of the Strickland family. And it was home for a short time to the poet
Isabella Valancy Crawford. It was also, it’s name Reydon Manor comes
from Reydon Hall which is the old Strickland family home in the old country. So, interesting little connections. But moving more into current times, there
is also a very interesting concentration of authors in this immediate area. Not just Lakefield specifically obviously. But when you think of Margaret Laurence and
of course Robertson Davies. And if you dig a little deeper into very current
times, of course there’s wonderful authors like Charles Fordham, John Moss, Michael Peterman,
Barbara & Norman Mitchell, Jane Bow, Michelle Berry. The list goes on and on, Kate Storey is another
one. There’s something about this area, maybe it’s
the water, who knows. That seems to generate something that really
helps develop the writing influence in people. And you know, where it comes from, who knows. But there are also with the various museums
in town and archives, there are programs at Trent University; The Margaret Laurence lecture
series, the Rooks Lecture Series. There’s the Trent Valley Archives, all of
these things are just a wealth of information about things of the literary nature. So with a little digging, it’s well worth
a visit to the area. And of course spending a little time on this
magnificent river out here. Again one of those places that figures very
very strongly in the writing of both authors from the past and the present. (Music)

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