Peter Cochrane and the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards

History of the political struggle for
Responsible Government of the middle of the 19th century is not regarded as the
most popular topic in the world, and I was really challenged by you know how do
I deal with this in such a way as to make sure leaders know it was a very
dramatic and fascinating event. And as a result of that I, I found myself thinking
more and more about, about the literary side of writing. So I think it actually
played quite an important part in my transition to fiction. That the award
itself puts a great deal of emphasis on readability and literary quality as much
as historical scholarship. And in my case really did I think kind of launched me
along that track to write first a novella, which I published I think some years later and then the novel that came out this year, The Making of Martin
Sparrow, which is pure fiction I mean it is the complete shift. It’s not
historical fiction it’s not fictionalised history, it’s not
fictionalised biography, it is pure fiction.
So I reckon it’s very important in one’s kind of trajectory, literary trajectory I

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