Periods of English Literature || in Chronological Order

I am about to discuss the periods of famous literature in the early ordered or you may say the periods of English in Chronological order let’s start with the oldest period of our literature which is anglo-Saxon period Or even say the oldest period it begins in 450 ad with the settlement of three German tribes Angles Saxons and jutes and it continues till the Norman conquest in thousand sixty-six our next period Is the middle English period It begins with the Norman conquest in thousand sixty six and continues till 1500 Eddie Next period is the lesser or even say? When his sons and some critics call it a lemur image it begins in 1580 and continues till Sixteen sixty eighty it has some subdivision of divisions. Let’s talk about subdivisions of Renaissance or Vanessa first one is the elizabethan age? 15 – Gate to 1603 in 1558 when Elizabeth one came to the throne of England and in 1603 she died Second one is the Jacobean age 1603 – 1625 in 1603 James One Came to the throne of England and in 1625 he died Third one is the Caroline age it begins in 1625 and the End with the execution of Charles one in 1649 the last subdivision of Vanessa is the commonwealth period In fall 1649 Oliver Cromwell’s came to the throne of England and it is the beginning of commoners period And in 1660 the Commonwealth period Ends After the Renessa we have the restoration period When charles wood – the son of Charles one? was restored to the throne of England it begins in 1660 and continues till 1780 next period Is the August own age it begins in? 1780 and continues till 1745 80 then We have the age of sensibility, or age of Johnson from 1747 Fortified To 85 after that Romanticism came to the English Literature, we can call it romantic period Which is from 1785 to 78 1837 Next one is the Victorian age from 1837 to 1901 then we have edwardian period From 1901 to 1914 next one is the modern period from 1914 to 1945 And at the last but not the least we have the most Post Modern age which begins in 1945 and it is still going on or if you liked this video give this video a thumbs up share with you and subscribe to My channel thanks for watching

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  1. How can u mix the alphabetic to the's zero not ooo. And also correct in Elizabethen period year…(15558)?. Likes for the effort anyway..

  2. U r pronouncing sixteen not five as sixteen O five… Is it a correct way of pronouncing? When it stands for numeral how can u call it as an alphabet?

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