Pay With A Poem 2018 – JP Cooper celebrates poets around the world

inspiration comes from everywhere it’s something that a friend says to me is something I overhear in a bar is something that I I see in the scene in a movie these are all things that might spark an initial idea of something so I really think it’s a case of teaching yourself to be more switched on don’t forget about the little things like the coffee that you love brings or the melody her grandmother sings or the way that she holds your face I wake up I head out feel a little weight in my boots now I wrote this song hoping that it might inspire more people to put pen to paper and I feel like one of the most beautiful things about it is is that I don’t consider myself to be an incredible poet but I know that this song will reach people in a certain way and a certain people will resonate with it I hope that the fact that it isn’t deep overly rip your heart out poetry that people might actually just think I can do that there’s a little old saying bouncing around my head but I feel like this was the little thousand times if my mama said to me don’t forget about [Music] [Music] [Music] today it made me feel better it may be better [Music] I think the things in your day are the things that spark poems often are little things you know I had to throw a bit of a coffee line in there at some point because that is a moment for meditation in your day so I just wanted to roll all of that up into a ball and just put it into a song that was that was sweet and wasn’t too hard you know wasn’t overly heartfelt but it was just a sweet little thought cuz a lot of the best poems are just sweet little thoughts [Music] we make one more time I’ll sing it for you it’s the same Oh don’t forget about the middle like the copy that you bring the feeling of music and language and all aspects of a song coming together is so really hard things we’ll explain there’s a great sense of excitement there there’s a sense of fulfillment there so it’s it’s a beautiful thing when all of that comes together and it’s it’s a rush they’re the flashes of light works in coffee shops for years I wrote lyrics on the back of little bits of paper while stood at a coffee machine there’s always been a romance within that world for me that the poetry and coffee and music and how it all mixes together collaborating with Julius Meinl I have had an amazing opportunity when I was asked to do this I felt very happy and very connected to the idea of it so it’s been a really simple and enjoyable process get my little things

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  1. clappity clappity clap..smiles … yes ..inspiring.. i guess i better pull out my notebook…;) over coffee in the morning… happy stuff..;)

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