Paperbark Literary Magazine

Hi, my name is Rachel Berggren
and I’m the Editor-in-Chief of Paperbark Magazine.
UMass is closely associated with the work that Paperbark
does. Paperbark Magazine is a literary magazine on campus.
We’ve received funding and support from multiple faculty,
staff, and different departments. Paperbark is different from other magazines
because it tries to incorporate multiple disciplines. So it’s a
it’s a science magazine that actually also incorporates
the arts and the humanities. The theme of issue one was ‘Emergence’
and issue two’s theme is going to be more about strength and,
and growing on an emergence. So we really would love for
any students to think about submitting to the magazine because
you might have the chance to be published alongside
some really renowned artists and professional writers.
So it’s a great opportunity to get your
work out there.

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